Dyson Sphere Program, the tried and true of a truly amazing factory builder

Dyson Sphere Program, the tried and true of a truly amazing factory builder
PC gamers love to build. Not for nothing, among the genres most loved by this slice of users, survival and factory builders stand out, with titles such as Minecraft, Factorio, Subnautica, Rust and Satisfactory which, thanks to their sandbox nature, have been able to make millions of sales. Building and organizing immense perfectly functioning structures starting from nothing is evidently an archetypal passion, which we find in many human activities related to leisure (think of LEGOs) and not only, given that many of these games have a strong metavideoludic nature and recall in forms not even too veiled at the very act of developing video games. This is why it is not surprising to see new proposals coming out in a continuous stream, like this Dyson Sphere Program, which, according to what we have tested, is a truly amazing factory builder.

Building what a passion

Dyson Sphere Program's concept is really simple to explain: as a multifunctional mech, we were sent into space to exploit the resources of some planets and build huge factories. At the beginning we only have the raw materials obtained by recycling our spaceship, but soon we will have enough resources to create a real galactic empire. After all, the goal of these games is always to destroy natural environments to create economic empires, pure turbocapitalism diluted in pixels.

The first steps to take are very clear for those who know the genre: collect raw materials . So here we are ready to destroy some trees and dig up minerals to have enough means to build the initial objects, which will give us access to the first means of excavation and the first technological research.

Yes, the latter are not only related to time, but also to resources, and they are all related to new structures or new means, to be used to enlarge our factories or to make them more functional. Actually there is also a main line of research, which theoretically leads to the end of the game, but in a sense you can also ignore it and play until you are satisfied with what you have accomplished.

In this Dyson Sphere Program it is not very different from the other factory builders already mentioned, also because it draws nourishment from the same ideas. The first factories are decidedly rudimentary and require a lot of manual intervention, but with the arrival of automation systems, such as the addition of transport drones, or powerful antennas, everything becomes incredibly large and fascinating. The feature that makes the title of Youthcat Studio stand out from the others is actually only one: the possibility of creating factories on several planets at the same time, putting them in correlation with each other, so as to create a single, immense spatial structure. Doing so takes many hours, but we guarantee that when you get caught by the mechanism, you won't stop playing until what you see on the screen matches your vision. As always happens with these games, the final goal set by the developers ends up no longer counting for anything, while you enjoy like crazy to see your work, made of working vectors, mining structures in constant motion, gigantic towers that dominate all the others. buildings and planets in constant contact with each other, becoming more and more alive and autonomous, even in its rational perfection.

Early Access

One of the best features of the Dyson Sphere Program is its cleanliness. Let's explain ourselves better: normally Early Access games come out with a large number of problems, more or less relevant, justified by the fact that they are still in development. It is normal that this is the case and we certainly do not want to complain about it, but it is also true that many do not buy them precisely because they do not have a product that is still largely incomplete and not very usable. The title of Youthcat Studio, on the other hand, appears incredibly stable and very complete in content, so much so that playing it for several hours we never crashed and we never saw anything that made us think "they will fix this with the next build". Of course, a few more functions would not hurt the interface, especially in terms of simplifying some very repetitive actions, but the essence is that if they had launched it as a final version, or 1.0 as they say in these cases, it would not be no one really complained, also given the competitive price and constant support.

From this also derive some considerations on the technical side, which we feel we can do despite the Early Access: Dyson Sphere Program is a title managed in an intelligent way also from this point of view. Looking at it makes a great impression, but if you study it you realize that it is not that complex, at least graphically.

Planets are kept bare for a reason, of course: by building, the objects to be managed increase dramatically and having decorated the environments too much would have been problematic for performance. However the developers have used the graphic palette wisely, they have been able to differentiate the various biomes, without exceeding in baroqueism, and have been able to leave the right space for the works of the users, which is the foundation of these titles. It should be noted that each built object has its own small animations, just to make it clear that we are not dealing with a sacrificed title, so to speak. It's not jaw-breaking, as they say in the jargon, but it still manages to be beautiful and aesthetically relevant. The soundtrack is less successful, rather anonymous in the composition and conceived as a pure accompaniment ... but in the long run, who really pays attention to it?

Dyson Sphere Program is a title that is in some ways incredible, which manages to fit into disruptive way in a genre that seemed to have nothing more to say. Moreover, it appears complete and clean, despite being still in Early Access, so much so that in several hours of play we have not found any major bugs and we have not encountered stability problems. The essence is that if the genre intrigues you, you shouldn't hesitate to buy it, because it is already able to give you hundreds of hours of great gaming.


Stable and very clean, even if in Early Access The interplanetary construction system seems to work really well Refined user interface DOUBT Hard to get

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