Does Google develop an anti-tracking feature?

Does Google develop an anti-tracking feature?
Google would also start developing a feature for</a> Android similar to the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) that Apple will introduce in the spring with iOS / iPadOS 14.5. According to Bloomberg's source, the company's version of Mountain View will be less stringent, however, so it should raise less criticism from developers who make the majority of their profits from advertising (Facebook).

Google App Tracking coming to Android?

At the moment there are no exact dates, but the Bloomberg source confirms that discussions are currently underway and that Google wants to find the best solution that combines user privacy with earnings of developers and advertisers. Obviously, the Mountain View company is directly interested, as much of the profits derive from advertising.

A Google spokesperson has released this statement:

We are always looking for ways of collaboration with developers that allow to increase the level of privacy, while allowing a healthy and ad-supported ecosystem of apps.

There are therefore no confirmations or indications on the solution that will be adopted. Probably the Android version of Apple's ATT functionality will not require users to ask for consent to tracking. Moreover, Google has warned developers that the novelty of iOS 14.5 will have a significant impact on earnings.

It is therefore possible to implement a mobile version of the Privacy Sandbox provided for Chrome. The goal is to eliminate support for third-party cookies, used to track users and display personalized advertisements. One of the alternative proposals is the FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) technology which brings together more people with similar interests.

Source: Bloomberg

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