On Tiktok comes the special feature for questions and answers

On Tiktok comes the special feature for questions and answers

For now, the experimentation starts with the most popular profiles. Questions can come via text or video, and you can even organize streaming sessions for answers

photo: pixabay TikTok has started experimenting with a feature dedicated to question and answer sessions among the most popular creators and their fans. To discover the novelty was the consultant and social network expert Matt Navarra, who posted a thread on Twitter with some screenshots of the new feature.

New! TikTok's got a Q&A feature!

Creators can add Q&A button to profile allowing followers to leave questions which they can answer via video replies or in a livestream

h / t @Sphinx pic.twitter.com/aMHt4WGhyC

- Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) January 19, 2021

At the moment TikTok has offered the option to try the new feature to creators who have public accounts and more than 10 thousand followers . It is necessary to access the settings menu and select the Q&A (questions and answers) item, identifiable by the icon of a square balloon containing a question mark.

After the user has activated the function, his followers will see the new icon appear in two places: on the creator's profile page under their bio and in the comments section of posted videos. By pressing it, they can send a question to their idol, in writing or video. And in turn, influencers can decide to respond with a comment, a video, privately or publicly.

The goal of the social network is to help the most popular profiles track down all the questions asked by followers and collect them in a single section, thus encouraging interaction. Live question and answer sessions can also be organized during live streaming. This time it seems that it was Tiktok who was inspired by Facebook, since there has been a sticker for questions on Instagram for some time, however not bound to the number of followers.

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