How the energy bill changes for small businesses

How the energy bill changes for small businesses

The protected market for SMEs is over. Until June we enter the phase of gradual protection. How the electricity and energy market is changing

(Photo: Getty Images) The energy bill is heading towards the definitive beginning of the free market: the deadlines for small businesses are approaching to decide on the electricity supplier. Without making this choice, the service will never be suspended, but the user will be assigned from 1 July 2021 to an operator selected through territorial auctions.

The protected market ended on January 1, 2021 both for small businesses (with 10-50 employees or an annual turnover of 2-10 million euros), and for micro-businesses with higher withdrawal points to 15 kilowatts (kW). Those that have not yet switched to the free market have automatically entered the "gradual protection" service, which until June 30 will be provided by the same supplier with which the user is active. A "provisional" phase under different contractual conditions, the same as the so-called Placet offer, and a substantially unchanged price except for the "energy expenditure" part. This will continue to reflect changes in the wholesale market, but will be based on the values ​​of the Single National Price (Pun), the reference price of electricity in Italy purchased on the power exchange.

Starting from July, the gradual protection service will pass into the hands of the operators selected by the Regulatory Authority for energy, energy and the environment (Arera), through special competitions (which will be repeated every three years). In this case, the price will also be based on the conditions defined in the territorial auction. The change will be notified by a communication from the incoming operator to the customer.

For domestic customers and for all other micro-enterprises (committed power less than 15 kW), the protected market service will instead continue until 31 December 2021. For all, the Arera has made the offers portal available, where families and businesses can compare and choose the offers of electricity and natural gas in an immediate, clear and free way, selecting the offer deemed most suitable for their needs under the regime. , of free market.

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