Biden’s arrival in the White House can already be seen on the website

Biden’s arrival in the White House can already be seen on the website

Restored Spanish version, removed by Trump. Also added new features to make the portal more accessible and inclusive

The new White House website The official White House website has already changed its face after the inauguration of the new US president, Joe Biden. Users who logged into noticed the re-emergence of the Spanish version, which was deleted by the Trump administration, the introduction of night mode, a feature that increases the size of text and descriptive photo captions for non-users. sighted. In short, the portal has become more inclusive, in the spirit that the Biden administration advocates.

For those wondering, @WhiteHouse already has a Spanish-language page up.

- Julio Ricardo Varela (@ julito77) January 20, 2021

As noted by Julio Ricardo Varela, founder of the Latino Rebels newspaper and radio, the Spanish language version can be accessed directly from the site's main menu or by typing directly into the address bar

Although this detail may seem a trivial thing, it is good to remember that in the United States Spanish is the second most spoken language: over 41 million citizens use it. The Spanish language version had already been developed during the Bush and Obama administrations but was eliminated by Trump, justifying it as a "site restructuring".

The site also introduced "high contrast" night mode , which changes the background from white to black and the texts from patriotic blue to a dull orange to decrease eyestrain. For a better use of the texts, a function has also been included to increase the size of the characters.

White House images with captions dedicated to screen readers for blind users (photo: Finally, all images uploaded to the portal now all have a caption. In this way, thanks to screen readers, even visually impaired or blind users can receive a brief description of the content.

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