Ray Fisher would return as Cyborg in Justice League 2

Ray Fisher would return as Cyborg in Justice League 2
The question and answer continues, halfway between controversy and soap opera, between Ray Fisher (the Cyborg of Justice League) and WarnerMedia regarding the alleged incorrect behavior practiced on the set of the film by director Joss Whedon and some producers towards him. As we all know, the accusations launched by the young actor were not in vain and led to an internal investigation which, officially concluded, apparently did not bring big shocks if not the removal of Joss Whedon himself from an HBO Max television project, however. not directly related to the result of the investigation.

Ray Fisher, however, was not happy with the measures and the handling of the matter by WarnerMedia and for this he continued to express his views vehemently on his official social profiles probably also annoyed by the rumors that Cyborg was now out of The Flash, the film with Ezra Miller.

Ray Fisher and WarnerMedia to a minimum ...

After having denied rumors that he was voluntarily leaving the role of Cyborg, Fisher commented piqued that he would never work on any films under Hamada again and that WarnerMedia would chosen to eliminate the character of Cyborg from the film rather than, once again, publicly and directly respond to the matter.

This within hours of Walter Hamada's reconfirmation, until 2023, as president of DC Films. However, WarnerMedia's response was not long in coming, this time in the form of an official statement, which not only reiterated that the investigations had ended and that they would have led to a series of measures but also that there is no intention. to part with Geoff Johns.

... but he would return as Cyborg in Justice League 2

After the confirmation, bounced on all the main channels, that Cyborg would not actually be present in The Flash, Fisher pointed out how this choice had matured only after his decision not to work with Walter Hamada, a statement in stark contrast to the official WarneMedia statements.

The fact is that after a few days Ray Fisher "contradicted" himself by replying to a fan on social media and saying that, if Zack Snyder called him directly, he would not hesitate to take on the role of Cyborg for Justice League 2 or to participate in any project of the volcanic director even as a simple extra.

Contradicting signals from part of the young actor who seems to have permanently compromised his position by turning what started out as a legitimate battle into a witch hunt.

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