Zack Snyder talks about the difference between DC and Marvel movies

Zack Snyder talks about the difference between DC and Marvel movies
Zack Snyder is now a runaway train galvanized by the renewed confidence in his work and the arrival, in March 2021, a date yet to be officially confirmed, of his Justice League Snyder Cut. In recent months, the director is not missing an opportunity to grant interviews and speak openly about his vision of the DC cinematic universe, his approach and that of Warner Bros. to the film adaptation of his characters.

Video interviewed by The Film Junkee, however, Zack Snyder wanted to explore one of the thorniest topics in terms of superhero film universes: the difference between DC and Marvel movies.

Zack Snyder on different approach between DC and Marvel

Here are the salient passages regarding the difference in the approach between DC and Marvel of the interview.

Zack Snyder says:

I love what Warner Bros has decided to do, to embrace their own identity. There has always been this latent criticism, having remained in a sort of "limbo". And what would it be? To try to be Marvel? Have you tried to have our vision? But now I think the goal is different, one in which the director's vision comes first and a multiverse allows you to do exactly this.

On the impossibility of using the same Marvel approach to the DC Universe:

When I made Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman and Justice League, there was the universe of animated films with their own continuity, the Arrowverse TV series with another and there was no way to fit them all together without contradicting or confusing viewers by saying “this is the single Flash ”or“ this series counts for nothing ”.

The director then clarifies that the MCU was an epicenter from which to develop, and connect, other projects, making everything move in a single direction with an almost identical scheme.

This wouldn't work with DC characters because TV series were at their peak at the time as was the animated universe. Nolan's films had an extremely personal tone… it would have been ridiculous to “disavow” all this creativity, I admit they thought about it for a moment, I think but in the end I'm very happy with the new approach chosen.

Justice League Snyder Cut, the latest trailer

Last November 17, Zack Snyder released a new trailer for Justice League Snyder Cut.

Here it is:

Justice Leagus vs Justice League Snyder Cut

Justice League should ideally have closed the first phase of the DCEU which started already under criticism, in the opinion of those who writes undeserved and unjustified, in Man of Steel they were then exploded with that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in which it was evident how the pressure of the race to standardize the DC films to those of the competition whose project was diametrically opposite to that evidently conceived by the director.

Justice League was one of the most controversial cine-comics, not to mention one of the most controversial films of the last 20 years, so much so that its realization could be compared to one of the great masterpieces of American cinema or Gone with the Wind this is because the two films have been united by a troubled production that, between unhappy actors and additional shots costing millions of dollars, culminated in the removal of Zack Snyder from directing , which occurred in conjunction with a very serious family mourning, and the arrival of Joss Whedon who, in an attempt to repeat the success of Avengers, completed an unripe film that was able to hardly achieve its purpose: to close the Snyder era.

With the decline of the DCEU and the birth of the Worlds of DC, however, the fan base of Zack Snyder has always remained very vocal, recording in its ranks also the protagonists of the film but also unsuspected professionals from the world of cinema and comics who evidently they had perceived the need to first of all give the director a chance from an artistic point of view to show his work as originally conceived.

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