Yachts de Luxe, the first luxury yacht with lithium-sulfur batteries

Yachts de Luxe, the first luxury yacht with lithium-sulfur batteries
We continue to talk about the various projects launched in order to transform maritime mobility into a new mode of sustainable mobility. It is the turn of an exclusive project launched by Singapore's Yachts de Luxe with the intention of building the world's first luxury yacht with lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries.

To this end, YdL has also signed a contract with Oxis Energy, subsequently extending the partnership to Williams Advanced Engineering. In fact, if Oxis dedicates itself to the production of lithium-sulfur cells, WAE will be involved in the design and production of the cell modules and the battery management system itself. The collaboration is based on a ten-year contract worth five million dollars.

Although not many technical details have been disclosed, we know that the yacht will be equipped with a 400 kWh battery system with a range of 70 to 100 nautical miles (or 130 to 185 kilometers).

Huw Hampson-Jones, CEO of Oxis Energy, said:

Williams has a significant level of experience and expertise in battery technology across the range of vehicle applications. This experience, combined with the Oxis Competence Center for lithium-sulfur, gives vehicle manufacturers, on land, sea and air, the confidence to engage with our next generation of rechargeable battery technology, with the confidence to achieve the desired mission at a high level of performance and safety, far superior to what current technology offers.

Sustainability and respect for nature

It is no coincidence that Li-S technology does not use toxic materials or rare earths in the composition phases. An extremely important detail for the construction of large batteries such as those of seagoing ships. Furthermore, once they reach the end of their life, the materials used in the Li-S cells can be disposed of without harming the environment.

Craig Wilson, CEO of WAE, expressed great enthusiasm for the large project :

We are extremely proud to be involved in this exciting initiative which we believe shows how the UK is positioning itself to be at the forefront of this emerging market. In addition, this work will have relevance to a number of additional sectors, including aerospace, aviation, urban air mobility and transport. As an organization, WAE has tremendous experience in the design, development and assembly of advanced battery systems, including a range of applications in the highly demanding world of motorsport. These lightweight, high-performance electrification capabilities have also been applied to other industries and we look forward to working with OXIS Energy to further explore the potential in the marine industry.

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