WoW Shadowlands: Hotfix eliminates dungeon lockout and more

WoW Shadowlands: Hotfix eliminates dungeon lockout and more
Almost exactly one week after the launch of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the developer Blizzard Entertainment pushes a more extensive hotfix for the MMO expansion. Among other things, this removes the daily lockdown in the dungeons on the heroic difficulty level.

The developers have also made some changes to various class skills. Among other things, this affects the demon hunter, the druid and the magician. There are also adjustments to the covenants and some dungeons. The team also lent a hand with the World Quests and the roguelike tower called Torghast.

Here is the complete list:


The tutorial quests for your covenant's Command Table can now be completed, even if you abandon the quests after completing the tutorial mission. The tutorial tip explaining troops at the Command Table has been updated to more accurately convey that multiple troops of any type can be assigned in a single adventure. Classes

Demon Hunter General The Fodder to the Flame (Necrolord Ability) buff is now removed when the summoned demon is defeated. Havoc Felborn Pendant (Torghast Power) now correctly applies to Chaos Strike. Druid General Using Soulshape (Night Fae Signature Ability) while in a shapeshift form will once again correctly return Druids to their previous form after Soulshape ends. Kindred Spirits (Kyrian Ability) now correctly allows the casting Druid to be bound to only one ally at a time. Fixed an issue where Thorns (PvP Talent) was not dealing damage to attackers after being melee attacked. Hunter Marksmanship Corrected an issue where the Secrets of the Unblinking Vigil (Legendary Effect) was being consumed at the same time as the Lock and Load (Talent) effect. Also corrected an issue where an in-flight Aimed Shot could incorrectly consume the Secrets of the Unblinking Vigil effect. Mage General Fevered Incantation (Legendary Effect) is now activated only by Mage spell critical strikes (was all critical strikes). Memory of a Temporal Warp (Legendary Effect) can now be crafted by all three specializations. Fire Fixed an issue where Phoenix Flames critical strikes would not grant Fevered Incantation (Legendary Effect) stacks. Combustion no longer interrupts the channeling of Shifting Power (Night Fae Ability). Paladin General Fixed an issue that was causing Paladins that were boosted with a Shadowlands Character Boost to give the incorrect item level of equipment. The fix will only apply to newly created boost characters. If your boosted character still has the lower item level equipment, please contact Customer Support. Memory of a Relentless Inquisitor (Legendary Effect) can now be crafted by all three specializations. Priest General Fixed an issue where Flash Concentration (Legendary Effect) was not reducing Heal's cast time by 0.2 seconds per stack as indicated by the tooltip. Shadow Surrender to Madness (Talent) will no longer play a heartbeat sound after the enemy is defeated. Rogue General Memory of Deathly Shadows (Legendary Effect) can now be crafted by all three specializations. Warrior General Fixed an issue causing Battle Shout to grant more Attack Power than intended to Hunters. Covenants

Summon Steward (Kyrian Ability) will now provide Phials of Serenity to players who are stealthed. Summon Steward (Kyrian Ability) now offers Ambroria Dew and Ethereal Pomegranates for sale, in addition to the Candied Walnuts and Purified Skyspring Water they already carried. Creatures and NPCs

Wingsmash can no longer be knocked off the cliff by Harika the Horrid's ability, Colossal Blowback. Mystic Rainbowhorn now only has a chance to drop Runestag Soul for players who have joined the Night Fae Covenant. Scunner has had his difficulty lowered and apologizes for any trouble. Depraved Stalker's health and damage has been reduced. Dungeons and Raids

Removed the daily lockout on Shadowlands dungeons on Heroic difficulty. De Other Side Mueh'zala Resolved an issue that could cause a Primeval Grasp totem to be interactable when unintended. Resolved an issue that could prevent Mueh'zala from visually entering his defeated state. Mists of Tirna Scithe Fixed an issue where one of the incorrect doors in the maze would not send the party back to the beginning of the maze on Mythic difficulty. Sanguine Depths General Kaal Fixed an issue where General Kaal would respawn after she was defeated. Theater of Pain Players holding the Strange Orb now drop the orb when they accept a summon or leave the platform the orb is supposed to be used on. Soulletting Ruby will now have a chance to drop for all Intellect users. Items and Rewards

Treatise on Sinstone Fragment Acquisition is now consumed on use. Unusually Large Mushroom no longer drops after defeating Humon'gozz for the day. Fixed an issue that caused level 55 and 60 water to return the same amount of mana. The level 60 water now returns 40,000 mana and the level 55 water was increased to return 20,000 mana. Level 55 food no longer scales up to level 60 and is now a static value. The level 60 food and water now costs slightly more than the level 55 food and water. The tooltip text displaying eligibility to purchase and upgrade Covenant armor sets now correctly matches the requirements. Pet Battles

Gorgemouth in the Failed Experiment World Quest has correctly applied its Spiked Skin passive ability so that it now properly reduces and reflects damage to its attackers. Professions

Fixed several herb and mining nodes in Ardenweald that were unreachable to gather. Fixed an issue in The Maw where Elethium Deposits could be gathered before players had unlocked the Eye of the Jailer. Warlords of Draenor neck enchantments can no longer be applied to items above Item Level 99. Quests

Covenant Campaign Kyrian players helping to defend Maldraxxus will now face the bony wastes with an Aspirant at their side for "Training in Maldraxxus" Calling quest. Maldraxxus Players are no longer trapped in the Sepulcher of Knowledge if they abandon the quest "Trust Fall" or are defeated inside the Sepulcher while on the quest. Ardenweald The "Anima-Laden Dreamcatcher" will now direct players to Dreamsong Fenn to turn in the quest. Fixed an issue where the quest "Break a Leg" could not be completed if Glimmerdust, As Kil'jaeden throws the player off the stage. Increased the number of captured night fae to free for the quest "Cult of Personality." Reputation

The Court of Night faction now appears in the Reputation tab. The Maw: Eye of the Jailer

Absorb shields and pets are no longer effective against Threat Level 5: Immediate Extermination. No one is safe when they've caught the Jailer's attention. Fixed an issue that caused the defeat of some rare creatures while in a raid group to not increase your threat level. Torghast, Tower of the Damned

Broker Ve'ken has gathered information about your Torghast run and will now share with you the identity of the next boss you will face. Unnatural Power (Torghast Power) no longer grants interrupt immunity upon reaching 10 stacks. 10 stacks of Unnatural Power no longer makes the enemy immune to Priest's Mind Flay. World Quests

Moved the minimap location of Sarah Wight so she's easier to locate to complete the World Quest "Thrashin 'the Camp." The enemies required for "Spore Losers" now respawn faster. Reduced the damage dealt by enemies during the Bastion World Quest "Air Supremacy." Source: Blizzard Entertainment

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