Vaccines for COVID-19: Google takes the field

Vaccines for COVID-19: Google takes the field
There is a lot of talk and more and more talk about COVID-19 vaccines. Ensuring access to reliable and unaltered information on the subject is of fundamental importance: it was for the disease (the most searched word of 2020 is "coronavirus") and it will also be for treatment. Google intends to do its part and it could not be otherwise considering how the search engine is now a reference point for interfacing with the resources of the online world.

Google for quality information on vaccines

The first initiative starts from the United Kingdom and will then gradually reach the other territories. This is an unprecedented feature integrated into the search engine which, following a query on the subject, will show on the results page the list of vaccines authorized in the country where you are located as well as boxes that refer to in-depth information on each individual. drug. Public authorities dealing with health and health provide the data.

1.5 million euros are then allocated with the aim of supporting journalism and the fight against disinformation ( in addition to the 6.5 million available from April) for the creation of the COVID-19 Vaccine Media Hub and to support fact checking initiatives. Insiders can rely on it by finding resources to start from to develop articles, reports and more generally to ensure timely media coverage on the subject.

The fight against the pandemic and the development of new vaccines has required a global collaboration between the public health sector and the medical-scientific communities. As work begins to vaccinate billions of people, we will support these efforts with additional features and products to ensure the right to quality information at the right time.

A 15-year fund from the Mountain View group millions of dollars from which the World Health Organization can draw to organize global information campaigns on vaccines. The sum is in addition to the $ 250 million Ad Grants already granted to government agencies for very similar purposes and which can be exploited throughout 2021.

On this occasion, Google reminds us that coronavirus content introduced on YouTube in March they have been viewed about 400 billion times. They are highlighted on the main page of the platform and among the search results on the topic.

Source: Google

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