Sottosopra II from today in the comic store and bookshop

Sottosopra II from today in the comic store and bookshop
The second part of the sci-fi comic signed by Luca Enoch and Riccardo Crosa arrives today in all the comic shops and bookstores, Sottosopra II.

Sottosopra II tells the story of a group of survivors in a world… upside down! The two young protagonists, Giorgia and Alessandro, will have to move in this new, hostile world, where the struggle for survival soon becomes a war for power. A story that starts from the fascination for Italo Calvino's "Cosmicomics", whose protagonists climbed the ladder to the Moon, at the time very close to the Earth, and halfway through they experienced the change of gravity, floating weightless for a few moments before to be captured by the attraction of our satellite.

Sottosopra II is enriched by a rich array of extras that tell the different stages of processing of some tables of the volume: from the original texts of the script to the different stages of composition of the illustrations, from pencils to finishes. An exploration of the universe of Sottosopra conceived by Luca Enoch.

Sottosopra II

Subject: Luca Enoch

Screenplay: Luca Enoch

Drawings: Riccardo Crosa

Cover: Riccardo Crosa

Colors: Paolo Francescutto, Alessandra Baccaglini

Size: 22 x 30 cm, color

Pages: 80

Price: € 19

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Sottosopra, le words of the creators

On the occasion of the release of the first volume we had the opportunity to speak with Luca Enoch and Riccardo Crosa.

In Sottosopra, suddenly the gravity we are used to is completely upset. This change inevitably has a drastic impact on the characters' everyday life, starting with everyday aspects that we would never have imagined. It is intriguing as a narrative cue, and it is Luca Enoch, author of the plot of Sottosopra, who reveals the genesis of this aspect to us

The idea comes from afar and I was inspired by the film "Happy Together" by Wong Kar Wai of the distant '97. The story told in the film has nothing to do with mine, but some dream sequences of the protagonists who, on holiday in Argentina, think back to their hometown, Hong Kong, now at the antipodes and therefore "overturned", gave me inspiration for the story that I tell in Sottosopra. For more than twenty years, therefore, the idea of ​​setting a story in an overturned world has accompanied me without my finding the right time or opportunity to put it into a coherent subject. An opportunity that came a couple of years ago thanks to Bonelli's new publishing policy, which is tackling the book market with a lot of energy and with an ear willing to listen to new proposals.

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