Toyota Rav4 Plug-in Hybrid: orders for the SUV with plug-in charging are underway

Toyota Rav4 Plug-in Hybrid: orders for the SUV with plug-in charging are underway
Finally, the new Toyota Rav4 Plug-in Hybrid can be ordered, even on the Italian market. The SUV of the Japanese brand, now in its fifth generation, is available in a plug-in hybrid version with thermal motorization to which an electric unit has been combined. Therefore, the new vehicle of the car manufacturer Toyota will be able to deliver a power of 306 hp and have a range thanks to which - with the driving mode EV mode - it will be able to travel 75 km with zero emissions in the combined cycle and almost 100 km on urban roads.

In addition, within 6 seconds, the SUV will be able to make a sprint from 0 to 100 km / h and it will take about 2.5 hours to recharge the battery with a system at 6.6 kW. The maximum speed that can be reached using the EV mode is - limited - to 135 km / h, however, using the thermal engine it is possible to reach a speed of 180 km / h.

Battery and recharge

The small size of the lithium-ion battery made it possible to place it under the floor of the SUV. The charging socket is instead housed on the rear of the vehicle and the flap that protects the socket is locked or unlocked automatically with the doors of the SUV itself. Charging can be done with the aid of two standard cables which the new Rav4 is equipped with.

Specifically, one can be connected to a domestic socket, the other can use a wallbox and complete the recharge within 2 and a half hours. The owner of the Toyota Rav4 Plug-in Hybrid will be able - using the A pp MyT - to take advantage of various services, such as monitoring and scheduling the charging time, or programming other functions.

The new style of the Rav4 Plug-in Hybrid SUV

The new SUV of the Toyota brand is characterized by the presence of some new features regarding the look. The front of the vehicle is in fact highlighted by the presence of a glossy finish that affects both the grille and other elements of the vehicle. Even the wheels - 18 and 19 inches - give the Rav4 an elegant and at the same time captivating aspect, thanks to the contrast created with the other details with black or gray finishes.

Impeccable attention to detail inside the passenger compartment with sporty upholstery, with some contrasting elements in red, seats upholstered in black leather with details - again - in red. The central console, on the other hand, features a 9-inch touchscreen.

Prices and trim levels

The Rav4 Plug-in SUV has two different trim levels. The Dynamic + version that offers standard 18-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, tinted rear windows, Power back door, 9-inch Toyota Touch 3 multimedia system with Dab. Furthermore, there is no shortage of satellite navigator with smartphone integration and wireless charger. As for the seats, those dedicated to passengers will be in synthetic leather and the driver's seat can also be adjusted electronically and will have lumbar support.

On the other hand, the top-of-the-range version, the Style +, features wheels 19-inch alloy, panoramic roof and leather seats. In addition, the Head-up display, the Jbl premium audio system, 360 degree Panoramic view monitor with smart rear view mirror are available.

Therefore, the Rav4 Plug-in range with Dynamic + version has a basic cost of 55,500 euros which - with the scrapping - would go down to 45,500 euros thanks to the Hybrid bonuses and other incentives available in this month of December. The same goes for the Style + version, but in this case it would start from a base cost of 60,000 euros to reach 49,000 with scrapping.

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