The best adjustable standing desks, for standing work

The best adjustable standing desks, for standing work
The best adjustable standing desks can offer benefits for the health of those who work a lot on the PC in the office or in smart working. In fact, sitting all day may not be healthy: for more than 8 hours a day, the chances of developing some chronic diseases could increase by 10-20%.

In this study we analyze what are the physical and to work standing up, as must be a good standing desk and the ten best models currently on the market. Happy reading!

Why work standing up?

As we said at the opening of the article, some studies - such as the one carried out by the bioengineering department of the University of Pittsburgh - have found an improvement in the discomfort and pain when people use adjustable standing desks.

Typical lower back pain associated with sitting for too long, but also other consequent problems, can certainly be alleviated by these products . During the day, working standing up for a few hours and sitting in others might be the right mix.

Physical and psychological benefits

But the physical benefits don't end there: the daily use of adjustable standing desks also brings important benefits to the cardio-circulatory system (working standing would decrease the risk of heart failure and heart attacks), reduces back pain and the risk of obesity.

Not only benefits from a physical point of view though, since working standing up stimulates concentration and activity level, as well as a general increase in one's energy. These are therefore real psychological advantages: improved mood and lowering of stress levels.

The right posture offered by the adjustable standing desks

With the height-adjustable desks, you will have the possibility to create ergonomic workstations suited to your needs. The tendency to sedentary lifestyle will inevitably be reduced with this type of product, so as to have the correct posture.

In any case, experts say that the right posture is has when the two positions alternate, that is a little standing and a little sitting. At different times of the day, it is good to change. This new philosophy has already taken hold in Northern Europe: in studios and offices there are more and more adjustable desks.

Benefits of alternating posture

Consequently alternating sitting posture a standing and vice versa, leads to undoubted benefits already found in the short term. From physical to psychological, the benefits of this practice have been highlighted by scientific studies based on sample research.

But what must be the characteristics of a standing desk in order to be defined as an excellent model? Here they are in detail.

How a standing desk should be

Just like when you work seated, even when you are standing you need to have reference points to carry out your own activities with correct posture and without tiring the body and mind. Firstly, a good standing desk should have the screen at eye level so that you don't have to keep your head bowed or backwards.

Secondly, the keyboard should be at eye level. 'height of the elbows, so that the arms are bent at 90 ° and the mouse stays in a position that does not require too much wrist flexion. standing desk and the features it must be equipped with.

Adjustable to alternate sitting / standing

A first important feature that a standing desk must have consists in the possibility of being adjusted in such a way as to alternate standing and sitting posture.

We have seen how st are always sitting / standing for many hours all day: alternation is absolutely essential.

A well designed adjustable standing desk

Obviously a standing desk, to be defined a good product, must be well designed and built with suitable materials. It is essential that it can be adjusted to different heights and that it is quick and easy to install.

It must also be stable and functional, and at the same time not take up too much space.

I 10 best adjustable standing desks

Having made this quick overview of the product in question, now let's go to the discovery of the ten best adjustable standing desks. We are sure that, once you have finished reading, you will know on which device to orient your purchase.

Pimp my desk: portable wooden standing desk

The first model that we see is Pimp My Desk, a portable standing desk perfect for working standing at the PC from home or in the office. It takes up little space, is built in wood without screws and metals and is light, ergonomic and easy to assemble and use.

Its structure allows it to easily support up to 3.5 kg of weight and notebooks up to 15 ″, Leaving ample space for the external keyboard and mouse.

Pimp My Desk is available on Amazon for 89 euros

Nulaxy: standing desk for laptops

Another very interesting standing desk is Nulaxy, which fits almost any laptop size from 10 "to 17". It is an ergonomically designed stand, with adjustable height and inclination so you can tilt the pc up to eye level. It improves body posture and helps relieve back pain and general fatigue.

Its structure, very resistant and light, supports up to 10 kg of weight. The aluminum panel with ventilation hole is also excellent, for very effective heat dissipation.

Nulaxy is available on Amazon for 45.99 euros

Songmics standing desk

We continue with our selection by offering you a standing desk that offers space for two monitors or laptops. We are talking about the Songmics model, indicated for relieving back, neck and shoulder pain.

Thanks to the MDF plate and all metal construction, it can hold up to 15 kg. The assembly is simple and its use too.

Songmics is available on Amazon for 129.99 euros

Abox standing desk with electric lifting

Tra the best adjustable standing desks could not miss the Abox model, equipped with technical features that make it one of the most interesting on this list. It has automatic lifting: just press the button to switch from sitting to standing position.

The two-level design it is equipped with is also excellent: the rear surface is large enough to make room for two monitors, while the lower one is detachable and so spacious to accommodate a full-size keyboard. Includes a USB charging port and is very easy to install.

Abox is available on Amazon for € 152.51

U-Kiss adjustable folding standing desk for notebook

Other folding adjustable standing desk, designed with a 360 ° locking button to adapt to all angles and positions. It is a perfect product for notebooks up to 15 ″ and functional for multiple uses: it can be functional as a laptop table, sketchpad etc.

No packaging is required to use it, and its adjustable legs make it easy to transport and at the same time keep it firm and stable.

U-Kiss is available on Amazon for 32.99 euros

Humbleworks adjustable wooden standing desk

Let's continue with an ergonomic model, which allows to have the screen at eye level, thus reducing stress: we are talking about the Humbleworks standing desk, which takes a few seconds to assemble. It can also be folded up in no time.

Its availability is for notebooks up to 15 ″ and total weight of 5 kg. It turns out to be one of the ideal solutions for those who want a flexible choice to stand or sit at their desk.

Humbleworks is available on Amazon for 199 euros

Ergoremedy adjustable standing desk

Ergoremedy's adjustable standing desk is also included in our list, equipped with all the features required of a product of this type. The table can be raised and lowered in various positions, depending on the needs of each one.

Interesting is the retractable keyboard drawer and the large platform that can accommodate a single large monitor. It supports up to 23 kg total weight.

Ergoremedy is available on Amazon for € 142.95

Bontec standing desk trolley

The standing desk of Bontec is one of the most particular: its appearance is modern and elegant, and as regards its use it is suitable for both home and office.

It has a flexible movement (the table for latptop stand-up can be easily moved in any direction with four universal wheels), but the built-in locking mechanism also allows the trolley to be stationary and immobile. It has a maximum load capacity of 10 kg.

Bontec is available on Amazon for 110.99 euros

oneConcept standing desk Adjustable crank

Desk with adjustable height and simple manual crank mechanism. The worktop can be raised or lowered between 73 and 123 cm, so you can decide your preferred height.

The width of the top is also adjustable. All these features make the onceConcept standing desk perfect for assuming a correct posture and therefore working in a healthy way.

oneConcept can be purchased on Amazon for 239.99 euros

oneConcept standing desk with commands electric

We end our selection with a gem: another oneConcept standing desk, but equipped with electric controls. Just press a button and the worktop can be raised or lowered between 62 and 128 cm, to the preferred height.

It is a multitasking product: it is not necessary to work standing up all day. Thanks to the height-adjustable top, even the legs can take a break.

oneConcept Multidesk is available on Amazon for € 324.99

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