Star Wars: “galactic” furniture for a stellar home

Star Wars: “galactic” furniture for a stellar home
How is it possible to give a touch of "Star Wars" to your home? What are the most geeky and interesting accessories to give and treat yourself to pay your love for this long-lived and exciting saga? For more than forty years, Star Wars has been one of the most loved sci-fi sagas in the world, with a production of games, gadgets and merchandising that has never occurred before, and not even then, for any other brand. It will be the charm of unexplored worlds and cultures, it will be the concentration of so many fascinating Heroes and deep Anti-heroes, the fact is that Star Wars is one of the most loved sagas of all time ... and even the world of furniture and tools for the home is not pulled back in the proposition of objects and ideas!

The tradition of Star Wars themed objects began with the first film of the saga and we had already proposed a list of board and role games dedicated to the famous brand but in addition to games there are also clothes and gadgets of all kinds from plushes to wedding rings, some of which are very funny and flashy, we have selected some to surround you with the Star Wars Style in your home without looking like an eternal Peter Pan.

The “galactic” décor of Star Wars

Entrance Kitchen Dining room Living room Bedroom


Let's start by welcoming friends and relatives already from the landing, a functional mat in coconut fiber with non-slip bottom is definitely necessary at the entrance of every house, so why not take the opportunity to declare which side of the Force you are on: Jedi or Sith?

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The Kitchen is the heart of the house, the place of the hearth and food, if Star Wars is your favorite saga the display cabinets will already be populated with cups and mugs of the most extravagant but biting into a freshly baked soft buttery biscuit while having breakfast with the whole family is among the sensations that most give the sense of family, a family of Rebels could be even more excited to spend those first minutes of the morning together if those cookies were in the shape of Yoda, B-B8, Chewbacca, Storm Trooper, Dart Vader, C-3PO and R2-D2, they are all in the box! Another small gadget that is very useful in the kitchen is the timer in the shape of a Death Star which with the sound and a flashing green light that reminds you of the Ray of Death will warn you in time not to burn the dishes or not overcook the hard-boiled eggs.
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Dining room

For convinced imperialists, always ready to organize aperitifs to define plans to subdue the rebellion, the perfect set can only be composed of glass glasses with Darth Vader and Caccia Tie in which to serve refreshing l ong drinks, perfect to accompany appetizers and appetizing cubes of cheese on a functional shaped cutting board of Storm Trooper helmet with compartment to accommodate four models of cheese knife!

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Living room

Whether it's a classic living room with sofa and coffee table or a cozy outdoor space, cushions are the undisputed lords of comfort, better have a lot of them! Star Wars fans, you will love this pillowcase featuring the BB8 image of the famous Star Wars saga. This pillow cover is made for you by the originality of the linen material which gives it a completely retro side. A pillow is added to him and that's it! It is perfectly suited to the decoration of your home. This pillow cover comes without padding and closes with a zipper. This Star Wars pillowcase fits both 40 x 40cm and 45 x 45cm pillows. For hardcore fans who love to surround themselves with the Star Wars Style, dedicating a wall to their favorite episode will be possible with these detailed canvas reproductions of movie posters, from the 80s pop style of Star Wars - a New Hope to the minimalist Storm Trooper strictly in black and white, these series of paintings will give character and charm to the whole environment.

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For lovers of the saga, for those who dream of epic battles, heroic journeys and wise masters ready to hand down the paths of strength, the perfect gadget can only be the duvet cover where it stands well highlighted the unmistakable logo of the saga in the starry field, ready for dreams in hyperspace.

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