PagoPA 2020: close to 100 million transactions

PagoPA 2020: close to 100 million transactions
There are already 97 million transactions registered by the PagoPA system relating to payments to the Public Administration in 2020. A year of transformation and evolution, it is inevitable: pandemic, lockdown and social isolation are factors that have accelerated digitization and digital culture, transforming PagoPA into something that users no longer perceive as an obstacle (change is always seen as an obstacle in the early stages), but as an opportunity.

PagoPA 2020

According to the data disclosed at the end of the year, the group is approaching 18 billion transactions in all of 2020 and today counts subscriptions for 82.3% of the Authorities and 56.3% of the Municipalities (having at least one cashout already active on the platform).

The numbers you get vain territories show that the transition to digital is already underway. PagoPA's activity over the past twelve months and the actions taken alongside local authorities are producing tangible results. In 2020 alone, the pagoPA payment platform reached a total of 96,983,492 transactions, for an economic value of 17,798,272,585 euros and an annual growth rate of 93%. A doubling on 2019 leads to almost 100 million transactions, in line with our expectations.

We must thank the commitment of thousands of mayors and local administrators, who are increasingly aware of the strategic importance of innovating to offer citizens digital public services that simplify daily life and make administrative action more efficient. The results obtained this year are therefore the fruit of full collaboration between all the actors involved, from institutions to private entities and technological partners present in the area.

Giuseppe Virgone, CEO of PagoPA SpA

For the Municipalities, an opportunity has recently opened up, expiring on January 15th, that is a “Fund for innovation and digitization” with contributions useful for the activation of new services for citizens. The times are short, but 585 questions have already been received and others will arrive: a further boost to a process of digitization of payments that is much more than a simple transition to cashless. Rather, it is a new level of service to citizens, leveraging digital technology to make the relationship between citizen and public administration simpler and more efficient.

The group is now also in charge the IO project, whose roadmap is certainly ambitious and dictates further important steps forward for 2021.

Source: PagoPA

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