Netflix Comic Book Inspired Movies: Best To See | December 2020

Netflix Comic Book Inspired Movies: Best To See | December 2020
The wide range of streaming services has allowed subscribers of the various brands to constantly find a movie or series to enjoy themselves. The great entertainment giants do not always offer productions worthy of being seen, thanks to a constant need to include content that motivates the subscription to a subscription. How to move, then, within this incredible offer? The ideal is to deal with the different types of entertainment in order to find which are the most interesting proposals on which to focus our attention. Especially when venturing into one of the most prolific cinematic streams of recent years: comic-inspired movies.

What are the best comic-inspired movies on Netflix? Here are our tips

The Old Guard Spider-man: A new Polar universe Atomic Blonde Venom Superman Graphic novel, Marvel house heroes or DC Comics characters, the world of comics lent to the cinema has offered many ideas, and the big screen certainly did not remain indifferent to these suggestions. Here are the most interesting ones available today in the Netflix catalog.

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Old Guard

Inspired by The Old Guard comic, this Netflix Original production sees a team of immortals led by Charlize Theron face an unparalleled threat: the discovery of their secret. Forced to fight to maintain their safety, these immortals will also have to take care of the last immortal to have appeared

Films with appreciable fighting scenes, but which in some points shows a certain narrative weakness, especially in conveying the emotional complexity of the characters, who experience immortality as a condemnation. You can read our review.


Spider-Man: A New Universe

Oscar-winning animated film starring Miles Morales, Spider-man Ultimate, is considered one of the best films dedicated to Marvel wall climbers. Perhaps because instead of a single Spidey we have a series of Webweaves, thanks to the presence of a fault between the different dimensions that allow different Spider-man to fight side by side to save the universes.

A compelling story, graphically flawless and with a perfect soundtrack, ready to double its success.



In the wake of success by John Wick, Madds Mikkelsen plays Duncan Vizla, the ruthless and infallible killer of the Damocles organization. Upon reaching fifty, the killers are retired, in order to enjoy the last few years after a life of blood and violence. Vizal, two weeks after his retirement, is hired to eliminate Black Kaiser, an assassin who is decimating Damocles.

Polar is based on Mikkelsen's always impeccable charisma and on scenes of intense fighting that betray the comic root of the story . While not reaching the heights of the first John Wick, which suffers terribly the comparison, Polar is an action film that unpretentiously offers the viewer shells and violence with generosity, inspired by the graphic novel Polar: Volume One of Dark Horse Comics. br>

Atomica Bionda

Before The Old Guard, Charlize Theron had already played in a film based on a comic: Atomica Blonde. Inspired by the graphic novel The Coldest City by Antony Johnston and Sam Hart, Atomica Biona tells the mission of Lorraine Broughton, an MI6 spy, engaged in recovering a list of enemy secret agents in Berlin on the eve of the collapse of the Wall. Action, chases and an incredible Theron are the ingredients of an adrenaline-pumping and thrilling movie.



The dark side of Spider-Man in his solo adventure, unrelated to the Wallramp. Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brook, a freelance journalist who comes into contact with a chemical agent who turns out to be an alien symbiont during an investigation. The two, united, will face a clash with another individual who has come into contact with another symbiote, up to an incredible final clash.



When comic book characters had not yet invaded the cinema, Richard Donner gave life to a real blockbuster to tell on the big screen the exploits of the last son of Krypto: Superman. For years considered the touchstone for superhero-inspired films, thanks to the wonderful interpretation of Christopher Reeve, who has become the true face of Superman for all. Despite being dated 1978, Donner's film is still one of the best superhero movies today.


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