Netflix best science fiction movies | December 2020

Netflix best science fiction movies | December 2020
Aliens, strange creatures and mysterious signals from space are just some of the prerogatives of cinematic science fiction. Where to have marked eras in cinemas, thanks to streaming services, sci-fi enters our homes with an offer that combines great classics with new proposals. A variety that often complicates life, since we risk ignoring the presence of great films, hidden in the maze of titanic schedules. Which is why we take the liberty of giving some advice, starting with Netflix's best science fiction movies. Reed Hastings' streaming service has invested heavily in original productions, which hasn't always been successful. Alongside these, there are also more famous titles capable of offering a fascinating vision of science fiction. But what are these proposals? Here's our pick for Netflix best science fiction movies.

Netflix best science fiction movies:

Annihilation Blade Runner: Final Cut Spectral I Am Mother 2001: A Space Odyssey Edge of Tomorrow: Without Tomorrow Mad Max: Fury Road Close Encounters of the Third Kind Inception Humandroid The Midnight sky If you want to try Netflix, you can redeem your free month here


Inspired by Jeff VanderMeer's novel, after an initial passage in American cinemas Annihilation was broadcast to the rest of the world directly on Netflix. At the center of the story is the Glare, an inexplicable scientific phenomenon originating from the fall of a celestial body years earlier, as a result of which an area was created in which electrical devices do not work and from which no one has ever returned. Nobody except Private Kane, who after one of him disappeared in Zone X shows up at the home of his ex-wife, Lena (Natalie Portman) before going into a coma.

From this event, Lena is involved by other female scientists intent on discovering what really happens inside Zone X. What awaits them is a revelation that can radically change their world view. Annihilation is a science fiction film based on emotion and with a fairly realistic approach, considering the subject matter.

Netflix Original: yes

Blade Runner: The Final Cut

Netflix drops a science fiction ace to enrich its schedule. Blade Runner is one of the cornerstones of science fiction, initially little appreciated when it was released in the cinema (1982) and then became a real cult of the genre. Based on the novel But do androids dream of electric sheep? by Philip K. Dick, Blade Runner leads us to follow the investigation of Deckard, a 2019 dystopian policeman in Los Angeles, intent on hunting down some fugitive replicants. Replicants are beings created in the laboratory, used by humans as slaves, a condition from which a handful of rebels intend to free themselves.

Blade Runner contrasts organic and synthetic, offering a story in which dilemmas ethics and emotions mix, offering the viewer a living and credible world, thanks to the excellent work of the late Syd Mead in creating a dark but credible future Los Angeles. The version of Blade Runner proposed by Netflix is ​​the Final Cut, that is the film exactly as Ridley Scott wanted to make it from the beginning.

Netflix Original: no


DARPA up-designer, Mark Clayne, employed in a company that produces military equipment, is sent to a war zone to find out what is the malfunction of his project that is causing deaths in the ranks of soldiers Americans engaged in a kind of civil war that upsets the Romanian population. During reconnaissance missions, American soldiers claim to see ghosts, who manage to eliminate them before they can even react. The first thought is that it is a new weapon of the enemy, which is why a CIA agent intervenes in the mission, intending to take it over. The plot of Ian Dreid and Nic Mathieu is written in a way that initially makes us believe that we are more in a ghost movie than in a sci-fi movie, witty exploiting the presence of a local legend about the spirits of the dead

The contrast between belief and science sees the latter win, despite the fact that it is a sometimes forced victory, based on the genius and the spirit à la McGuyver of the protagonist. Despite this, Spectral is a film that offers honest entertainment, without wanting to present itself as a blockbuster but showing awareness of its limitations.

Netflix Original: no

I Am Mother

After a mysterious tragedy that nearly led humanity to extinction, Mother is an android in charge of guarding a hi-tech bunker, where the last human embryos are kept, the only hope of repopulating the Land. To give life to this project, Mother has the task of creating a new generation of humans, who know how to rebuild a society that no longer exists, a task that leads to the birth of Daughter, the young human that the android must grow up. But is this really the role of the android?

Although starting from a not entirely original idea, I Am Mother manages to treat the relationship between human and artificial intelligence in a personal and intriguing way , playing witty on feelings and giving a different view of the conflictual relationship between parents and children.

Netflix Original: yes

2001: A Space Odyssey

Science fiction par excellence. Kubrick's film inspired by the work of Arthur Clarke is one of the symbols of cinematic sci-fi, aimed at an audience that intends to enjoy a challenging story and capable of leaving us with more questions than answers in the end. It all begins when a mysterious black monolith is found on the Moon, an alien artifact that pushes humanity to venture into space to find out if we are really alone in the universe.

2001 A Space Odyssey is enter the myth of cinema thanks to the legendary skill with which Kubrick has created some of the scenes of the film, in a perfect synergy between vision and music. From the dawn of man to the docking of the spaceship at the orbiting station on the notes of Sul bel Danubio Blu, 2001 A Space Odyssey is still today a science fiction film that best embodies the charm of anticipation literature.

Netflix Original: no

Without Tomorrow

Better known by its original title, The Edge of Tomorrow, Without Tomorrow marks Tom Cruise's return to science fiction . In an unspecified future, a lethal alien race, the Mimic, invades the Earth, putting the human race in serious danger. Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) is a scam official who is sent by his superior to the front line during the final assault, dying. Except suddenly awakening the previous day, discovering that he was caught up in a time loop that allows him to relive his last day, a unique opportunity to foil the plans of the Mimic. In addition to Cage, the heroine of war, Rita Vratasky (Emily Blunt), also experiences this time lag. The two meet on the battlefield and understand that only they can save humanity.

Science fiction film mainly based on action, Without Tomorrow finds room for a pinch of irony in the deaths by Cage, without losing the focus on war and characterization of the characters. The classic time loop theme is used intelligently and creates a dynamic and engaging story, ideal for an adrenaline-pumping evening.

Netflix Original: no

Mad Max: Fury Road

After years of waiting and hoping for fans of the post-apocalypse future policeman, George Miller takes over the fate of Max Rokantasky and adapts him to the new millennium. A reboot of the series entrusted to the physicality of Tom Hardy and the tenacity of Charlize Theron, who in a devastated world find themselves fighting to give hope to a small human enclave enslaved by the despotic Immortan Joe. Visionary, with impressive views and heart-pounding action scenes, Mad Max: Fury Road is a thrilling action movie backed by a great soundtrack.

Netflix Original: no

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Close Encounters of the Third Kind is a cult of science fiction, signed by the master Steven Spielberg. Made famous by an unmistakable soundtrack and a story that makes alien abductions its narrative and emotional fulcrum, Encounters of the Third Kind, released in November 1977, still retains its charm and undeniable poetry today. br> Netflix Original: no


What could happen if it were possible to steal an idea or thought directly from the mind of a person without this realizing it? And what if you decide to insert a thought instead? This is what Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his associates do, experts in mind manipulation, engaged in a position that will change their lives forever. All told by one of the masters of modern science fiction cinema: Christopher Nolan.

Netflix Original: no


After giving an excellent proof of his skills as a director, Neil Blomkamp tells another science fiction story, leading us to the discovery of Chappie (original title of the film), a small robot that shows an incredibly human side, becoming the goal of a ruthless company that sees it as an object. An exciting story about the man-machine relationship, with a perfect Hugh Jackman in the role of villain.

Netflix Original: no

The Midnight Sky

George Clooney and Felicy Jones star in an action-free sci-fi film with a more emotional narrative. Augustine Lofthouse is a dying scientist who dreams of exploring new worlds and for this reason remained at the edge of the world and of life, alone, in an observatory whipped by the icy winds of the North of the Earth. Aboard a space station, a human crew tries to maintain contact with their family on the planet. The narrative cue allows to analyze the human relationships and the vision of life of these characters in a unique way, as explained in our review.

Netflix Original: yes

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