Mercedes takes its cue from Tesla: Mercedes EQS arrives

Mercedes takes its cue from Tesla: Mercedes EQS arrives
Following the presentation of the Mercedes EQC, the German brand has dedicated itself to the development of a larger and more advanced vehicle.

The 100% electric Stuttgart flagship will be called Mercedes EQS and will represent the flagship in term of technology, design and finishing as regards the three-pointed brand.

The car will be the first built on Mercedes' innovative EVA (Electric Vehicle Architecture) platform, leading the way for at least 3 other vehicles planned for this platform. The name EQS can be analyzed as EQ-S, to indicate that it represents the electrified version of the S family of vehicles of the German brand that is the most luxurious and exclusive.

HEPA filter and clean air like in the operating room: deja-vu?

A gem on which Mercedes has decided to focus is the presence of a sophisticated HEPA filter that allows filtering the excellent air, bringing it to the quality of an operating room; this same statement was used by Tesla at the presentation of the Model X which is, in fact, equipped with a decidedly oversized filter to ensure that the indoor air is always of excellent quality.

Through the “Bioweapon defense” function mode ”Elon Musk's car is also capable of eliminating bad odors coming from the outside in an instant, making the Model X the ideal car in a year like 2020 where breathing air as clean as possible is certainly appreciable. We don't know if Mercedes has foreseen such an advanced filter for EQS but we are sure it will be put to the test as soon as it becomes available.

Infotainment to scream, word of the Mercedes-Benz CTO

The infotainment will be of the latest generation by introducing a new and unedited version of the definitive MBUX revolutionary from the CTO of Mercedes-Benz Sajjad Khan , adding that it will also be possible to update MBUX via Over The Air updates just like Tesla.

Battery and performance have not been dealt with at the moment, yet there are rumors of 700 km of autonomy and the possibility of an AMG version with over 600 hp; recharging will be possible with the use of renewable sources through the use of the "green recharge" system; this system will work through an analysis of the energy used by the EQ vehicles and consequently Mercedes-Benz itself will purchase the same amount of energy from renewable sources in order to concretely help the planet.

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