Lego The Mandalorian sets currently available | December 2020

Lego The Mandalorian sets currently available | December 2020
The Mandalorian series is finally back on our screens! In fact, starting from October 30th, the acclaimed series returned with its second season on the Disney + streaming platform, confirming itself as one of the most interesting and well-made products of the 2020 television season. It quickly became an "instant cult" series, thanks above all to in the presence of the character of the "Child", known to most as "Baby Yoda", The Mandalorian immediately attracted the attention and affection of the public all over the world, including those who, despite everything, had always been reticent towards space epic started by George Lucas in the now distant 1977. With such a spurt of popularity, it is no wonder that several gadget and toy manufacturers immediately lined up to seize the ball, producing a multitude of gone products, moreover, quickly sold out.

Among these, LEGO could not be missing, which practically immediately put on the market some sets dedicated to the TV series in question, placing on the market several sets dedicated to the characters of the TV series including, of course, also the little Baby Yoda even if - we are sure - over time other sets will be added to the offer, especially after the success of the second season . So, as fans (and collectors) that we are, we decided to offer you this quick overview of all the LEGO sets currently on the market (including preorder) and dedicated to The Mandalorian series. Advice? Buy them all immediately, without waiting! The Mandalorian products, in fact, will certainly become, in the next few years, an object of cult and frenzied collecting!

The Lego Mandalorian sets

The Raider AT-ST - Set 75254 | € 59.99

Set already available for some time, but currently sold out, the Raider AT-ST vehicle has the same cannibalized look admired in the TV series, and is equipped with posable legs, rotating turret and 2 working shooters . Consisting of 540 pieces and 25 cm high, it includes 4 minifigures inside, namely: the Mandalorian, Cara Dune, and two Klatooinian Predators. In all respects similar to the classic set dedicated to the "standard" AT-ST Raider (unfortunately now withdrawn from the market), it stands out for the numerous details on the livery, which recall Mandalorian symbols and more. The overall look is attractive and aggressive, embellished as it is with red details and tribal symbols and now represents the most beautiful and accessible set in terms of aesthetics / price ratio. A must and, probably, the set that all TV series lovers should buy. Too bad the Baby Yoda minifigure is missing!

Mandalorian Battle Pack | € 14.99

More a sort of accessory set than a real set, the Mandalorian Battle Pack is basically made up of 4 minifigures of as many Mandalorians (but be careful, the protagonist of the TV series is not included!), With lots of blaster shooter, a buildable defense fort and a Mandalorian speeder bike with 2 stud shooters. It is a nice appendix that can enrich, for example, the set dedicated to the Raider AT-ST, but which in itself lacks the lack of direct references to the protagonists of the TV series. Beyond this, it still contains 4 unique minifigures of the Mandalorian ranks, which still makes it an excellent purchase option for all collectors or even for those who, perhaps, due to space problems, are forced to give up more sets. large but does not want to miss the opportunity to buy a product from the series. Composed of 102 pieces, it is still a bargain when you consider that the purchase price is only € 19.99.

Alarm on Tatooine | € 29.99

New in this 2020 closure, which coincided with the second season of the serial, the Alarm on Tatooine set is small and very pretty, and represents an excellent opportunity in terms of quality / price ratio for recover the coveted Baby Yoda / Grogu minifigure which, until the arrival of this set, was exclusive to the much more expensive set dedicated to the Razor Crest. Consisting of 277 pieces, this set references directly to the events of the first episode of season 2, and contains the Mandalorian's speeder bike featuring a seat for the LEGO minifigure and a side bag to carry the Child, as well as a buildable Tusken hut. and a missile crossbow for the raider Tusken. Small and "concentrated", this is another great set, together with that of the Mandalorian Battle Pack, which will allow you to take home a piece of the Star Wars universe at a very small and affordable price.

The sets no longer available

The Child | € 84.99

Great news for this 2020, arriving at the same time as the release of the second season of the TV series, the Lego set dedicated to the "Child" (or Baby Yoda, if you prefer), is a little gem of sweetness and design. Consisting of 1073 pieces and sold at a price of € 84.99, this set depicts Mando's cute little shoulder, obviously recreated in Lego style. Equipped with an adjustable head, ears and mouth (a rarity for this type of set), it can take on different expressions and even includes the famous knob that the character has chosen as his "favorite toy". Beautifully detailed, it also comes with an information sign and an exclusive minifigure (also featuring Baby Yoda), serving as a wonderful display piece. Currently still available, it is certainly one of those sets that will sell out very quickly, especially considering what had happened even for the larger sets of the first round dedicated to the TV series. Our advice? Do not wait for the actual placing on the market, and make your preorder now!

La Razor Crest - Set 75292 | € 134.99

A decidedly full-bodied set and, to date, the largest dedicated to the TV series, the spaceship Razor Crest (75292) is the armored transport shuttle owned by the "Mandalorian" protagonist of the homonymous TV series . The set consists of 1,023 pieces and includes 5 collectible LEGO Star Wars characters, including the LEGO minifigures of the Mandalorian and the Child, more commonly known as Baby Yoda, and already among the most sought after minifigures by collectors! In addition to the aforementioned are also included the minifigs of Greef Karga, a Scout Trooper and the IG-11 droid, all equipped and ready to fight. As for the Razor Crest model, we are talking about a 14cm high, 38cm long and 28cm wide spaceship, well detailed and ready for battle! The price? € 134.99 for a set that, without a doubt, is destined to become one of the most collected in the entire panorama dedicated to Star Wars!

The Mandalorian and the Child - Set 75317 | € 19.99

Probably the best-selling set of the entire roster dedicated to the TV series: we are obviously talking about the 2-pack brickheadz dedicated to the two protagonists of the series, namely the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda. Composed of 295, this set follows in all respects the standards of the Brickheadz series, consisting of two static figures but very rich in details, complete with adjustable ears for the Child, so as to be able to recreate their facial expressions. The latter is also equipped with his "floating" hoverpram, while the Mandalorian has the weapons he is equipped with in the serial, namely a blaster rifle on his back and a blaster pistol in his hand.

La Slave I 20th Anniversary Edition - Sep 75243 | € 129.99

Allow us an exception: this set is not dedicated to the aforementioned TV series but, as any Star Wars fan will know, we cannot talk about Mandalorians without mentioning the cinematographic progenitor of the entire group of mercenaries: we are obviously talking about Boba Fett whose spaceship, or the very particular Slave I, has entered the collective imagination by force since the time of The Empire strikes again. This one we are offering you is the latest edition on the market, as well as one of the most luxurious dele ever. It is in fact one of the celebratory sets for the 20th anniversary of the series, consisting of 1007 pieces, and enriched by the presence of 6 minifigures, namely: Boba Fett, Han Solo, Zuckuss and 4-LOM, plus a Han minifigure Alone trapped in carbonite and one of Princess Leia's 20th anniversary complete with a display stand! Loaded with detail, Slave I features a detachable cockpit with space for a minifigure inside, self-leveling seat and side wings, a carrying handle, separate triggers for the 2 spring-loaded shooters, rotating cannons and a lockable rear hatch to stow Han Solo in carbonite. A beautiful and highly collectible set that we are sure will delight any Star Wars fan, old or new.

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