Jessica Nigri, sexy elf cosplay for Merry Christmas

Jessica Nigri, sexy elf cosplay for Merry Christmas
Jessica Nigri is back on Instagram with a sexy elf cosplay, therefore only vaguely of videogame inspiration, to wish all her fans a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

These are not actually the first Christmas greetings that the queen of cosplay addresses to her many followers: we had already published some rather eloquent photos a few days ago but it is good to reiterate the concept, especially if you do it in lingerie.

With these latest posts from 2020 , Jessica is about to conclude its production for this year, at the top from a qualitative point of view. We saw her engaged some time ago with a cosplay inspired by Among Us and one dedicated to Bowsette.

Born in 1989, the American model undoubtedly boasts an extraordinary physique and puts great effort into the creation of her costumes, too. and especially when they are particularly minute.

Some inattention, however, escapes even her: in these photos she jokes about the fact that a little lipstick has run out on her teeth.

Jessica Nigri

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