Hitman 3: Murderous Adventure for PS5 and Co. in the preview

Hitman 3: Murderous Adventure for PS5 and Co. in the preview
Hitman 3? Wait, that has happened before! Yeah right. But as is well known, the series around the iconic bald killer Agent 47 was rebooted in 2016. After the sequel in 2018 Hitman 3 should now form the conclusion of the so-called World of Assassination trilogy.

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Rock the Casbah

For the fact that we are supposed to slip into our suits again on January 20th, very little is known about the third murderous excursion into the world of attacks. Because apart from a few trailers, in which a handful of gameplay scenes could be spotted, the developers haven't published too much so far. Two new locations have already been announced. On the one hand, Agent 47 is doing one of its jobs in Middle Eastern Dubai. In the metropolis in the United Arab Emirates, the bald-headed killer apparently ends up in one of the skyscrapers. Whether it is a true-to-original replica of the Burj Khalifa or the Almas Tower, for example, or whether a fantasy skyscraper has been designed here, is not yet apparent from the trailer.

But the location was already spraying a lot of flair and reminded a little of the last two John Wick films with its noble hotel interiors, which had to serve as a backdrop for contract killer action. The likely target person could already be spotted in the trailer, because Carl Ingram is also staying in the hotel. Fans of the series already know him from the predecessor, where he was introduced as one of the pullers of the Providence secret organization. Accordingly, the assignment in Dubai shouldn't be a walk in the park, because Ingram will certainly not hang around the pool alone.


Golden boy: The interior of Dubai’s skyscraper looks wonderfully pompous and noble - the perfect setting for a dark murder plot. Source: IO Interactive The second location that we were able to examine in a trailer is Dartmoor. This is a hilly region in the English county of Devon, around which numerous myths, legends and mysteries have been entwined for many centuries. In Dartmoor, Agent 47 visits the venerable Thornbridge Manor. There, however, the tables are turned a little, which sounds very exciting and interesting. Because someone was murdered in the property before we got there - and it is completely unclear who of the family present is the murderer! So in this mission we will first act as a detective and try to solve the murder mystery before we set out to eliminate our target person. Why are we doing this? I don't know, but it sounds damn funny!

People celebrate as they fall: Skyscrapers in Dubai are one thing above all - damn high. It would be a shame if a target stumbled off a balcony. Source: IO Interactive In addition, the trailer exuded a bit of Agatha Christie charm with its seedy, quarreling, distinguished family members who annoy each other in the house, accuse each other and still sit on top of each other the whole time. We felt reminded of crime thriller classics like Das Krumme Haus or An Unexpected Guest. Apart from these previously known missions, the main aim of the story is to find a satisfactory conclusion to the trilogy. The three games were intended to be a three-part series from the start, which is why many loose story ends or things that were apparently unimportant so far from the predecessors should be taken up and merged. The story should also be a bit darker than in the first two parts. In line with this, the developers have now built in a kind of savegame progression: If you have a savegame from an older Hitman, you can have it imported and then take equipment, activation and the like directly to Hitman 3 (buy now € 59.99). It is still unclear whether story decisions - such as the way you killed someone - will be taken up in Hitman 3.

Good old assassin

In terms of play, of course, everything should stay the same . The aim is still to take out your target person in the spacious levels as inconspicuously as possible. To do this, you sneak through the area, dress up so as not to attract attention, and use the game world creatively to transport people across the Jordan. Or you can strangle and shoot them if you don't have too much patience with the stealth part. In terms of technology, there is currently not much that can be said about the trailers. However, the fact that the game will also be available for PS5 and Xbox Series X gives hope that a step forward will also be made graphically. VR glasses owners can also look forward to the fact that Hitman 3 will be optimized for PSVR on the PS4. Switch players will also be able to get started thanks to cloud streaming.

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