Galaxy S21 Zoom could return with 600 MegaPixel camera

Galaxy S21 Zoom could return with 600 MegaPixel camera
Did you think that the current 108MP sensor remained on the back of smartphones for a long time to come? It will still support many models, it is clear, but Samsung already has a 600 MegaPixel sensor in the pipeline.

The indiscretion was extracted from an internal document of the Korean company that represents a project under test. The 600 MegaPixel sensor will not replace the 108 MP one, at least not on smartphones with a classic form factor. And we will explain why.

The confidential document has a lot of interesting information. The delivery from Samsung is to make video recording more efficient, as more and more users are using the smartphone to shoot videos in 4K and, for those who support it, also in 8K.

A new efficiency (represented by a balance between quality and weight) is achieved by implementing a sensor with a larger diameter that gives the possibility to use more functions, optical zoom and create excellent quality videos without the compromises given by “Classic fixed sensors” which among other things collect a limited amount of light.

The company is developing the new sensor, it is called ISOCELL 600 MP. Before producing it and installing it on your smartphones, however, we need to take other steps forward. The first is certainly to try to contain its dimensions because in its current state it occupies about 22 mm in depth, definitely too many.

And here we link to another source of rumors that see the Korean company interested in produce such a powerful sensor and install it on a new version of the Galaxy S21 Zoom. Old glory of the "past", Galaxy S4 Zoom was indeed a smartphone but equipped with a semi-professional camera with a really large lens that came out and returned from its body when needed.

So, is the MegaPixel race restarting? If Samsung wants to get there first, at the moment the solution is to install the sensor on a smartphone dedicated to photography like the potential Galaxy S21 Zoom.

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