Audi: science fiction technology with OLED headlights capable of communicating

Audi: science fiction technology with OLED headlights capable of communicating
Automotive lighting is one of the most important safety components. The houses have invested (and continue to invest) a lot of time and resources in developing cutting-edge solutions. Audi is among the most active in this direction: its models are often equipped with top-level technologies, truly capable of making a difference.

The Ingolstad manufacturer is once again pioneering a new way of introducing the optical groups on series cars. The Q5 SUV was the first to introduce the OLED proposal; today Audi technicians have developed a new flexible support that will offer designers and engineers the opportunity to create new and spectacular three-dimensional visual effects.

Communication and scenography

The new generation of optical groups present a new communication function. There will be more than 60 OLED segments inside the lighthouse: a figure that will allow for numerous customization possibilities. Not only that, the structure will allow the creation of animations capable of communicating other motorists with respect to dangers along the route: from the wet and slippery road to the presence of an obstacle.

A cutting-edge technology that will actually allow taillights improve road safety for other motorists as well. The flexible substrates that Audi is working on will offer designers the opportunity to create new three-dimensional light effects with a usable area inside the main headlight.

Not just design

The collaboration between design and cars it is evident above all in the shape and lines given to the bodywork. The discipline is creating to develop solutions also in the field and in lighting technology. It is a useful experience to improve the efficiency and the scenic effect of the car.

The primary objective remains to offer the driver the best possible safety experience on a production car. The integration of an active communication function with the surrounding reality can offer useful solutions to avoid conditions of insecurity, warning in advance and thus improving reaction times.

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