Fuser: A fine music game despite small problems - our test

Fuser: A fine music game despite small problems - our test
Much of Fuser is new and different from the music games from the golden age of the genre around twelve years ago. But some things seem very familiar to you - and that in a negative sense, because a decade ago buyers felt bad about being asked to pay extra for additional songs. The unpopular "feature" returns in Fuser: For the price of around 70 euros, the base game contains over 100 songs from umpteen genres. Even the first DLC with 25 additional tracks and cosmetic equipment for your character costs more than 40 euros! You can also buy individual songs for about two euros per copy. Uff!

Table of contents

1 The life of a DJ 2 As you like it 3 Something is better than nothing After all, you don't have to buy any special hardware such as plastic DJ desks or drum sets, Fuser became designed without the use of such gimmicks, you actually don't miss the clutter.


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The life of a DJ

Fuser threw our wonderful character together by chance. Little by little you unlock a lot of ugly, new clothes and accessories. Source: PC Games You are the DJ and win the favor of the audience live - the campaign is divided into six stages, on each of which you make music from morning to evening. The overall very complex gameplay is gently deepened and explained throughout the campaign. The following applies: the later the hour, the more demanding the audience. In return for your efforts, you will receive in-game currency that you can use to purchase new songs (but not the DLC tracks) and accessories for your character (that you create). You also equip your record case with songs, effects and synthesizers. On the stage you then combine your tracks from four pieces: classic that is the beat, two types of instruments and a vocal track. But you can also play four beats at the same time or two vocal tracks and nothing else. There are also dozens of other options: You can change the speed of your mix, change the key, silence individual tracks or apply effects such as a low-pass filter. In contrast to a Guitar Hero, there are no exact specifications, you are relatively free, apart from the goals that are regularly displayed at the bottom right. Sometimes it is necessary to play your own loop with the synth bass, sometimes you should break off the vocal track.

As you like it

You can record your own loops with different instruments by move the pointer over the squares. You have little control over the result, which is why we used the feature as rarely as possible. Source: PC Games In addition, the audience occasionally expresses music requests, fulfilling the tasks increases the mood of the dancing people, so you shouldn't ignore them. Of course, tact is required for all actions, as an aid you can see a metronome at several points on the screen and even the perfect times to activate a certain track of a certain song. The greater playful freedom is on the one hand nice, on the other hand the results of your creative work are qualitatively very diverse. Some combinations just sound terrible and, above all, undanceable, but as long as you stick to the beat, the audience algorithm will be enthusiastic. At this point, Fuser (buy now) has another small problem: With the tracklist, developer Harmonix obviously wants to appeal to the largest conceivable crowd, which is why meme songs like All Star by Smash Mouth and Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley are joined by Country -Beats by Shania Twain on thematically completely inappropriate tracks like Rock The Casbah by The Clash. If the campaign demands that you create a mix with country or rock, then it works from a purely technical point of view, but acoustically it takes a lot of getting used to, to put it in a flattering way. The best results and the funniest mixes come about with songs from the dance and rap area, of which there should be more in the game.

Something is better than nothing

Integrated is the gameplay in a completely forgettable story. set to music in German with over-motivated speakers. There is also the option of playing online in co-op and versus mode or playing freely - that is a creative pleasure, but in this mode only the songs that you have already unlocked are available. And since the level progression takes forever and the developers are terribly stingy when it comes to issuing music tokens during the campaign, you feel unnecessarily restricted. Despite its weaknesses, Fuser is a fresh and fun music game for everyone who misses festivals!

My opinion

By Katharina Pache

Chief Editor

[email protected] Nice music game concept, but the execution of Fuser is not ideal. At this point I could riot for pages about my feelings and impressions about Fuser, but I have to be brief. The positive first: It's impressive what possibilities this game gives you, and it's fun too. If it weren't for these problems in detail! While rap and dance music is created in the first place to work in remixes, other genres and many tracks in the game are not. Otis Redding, seriously? Sure, ambitious DJs see some of the songs as a challenge, but I don't feel like mixing up a lot of audio junk on the way to a decent mix. And why do you get so few tokens to unlock new songs? I've been using the same tracks over entire stages because I know they work and I didn't like the rest. Even the best song wears out if you hear it a thousand times. . . FUSER (PC) 7/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - FUSER (PS4) 7/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - FUSER (NSW) 7/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - FUSER (XBO) 7/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - Pros & Cons Versatile gameplay, (mostly) well explained Very satisfying when you mix a great combo. With co-op and Versus mode Some nice tracks at the start Good, albeit complex controls Many unsuitable songs, other tracks cost extra Some music genres are not suitable for good mixes Progress in campaigns is too slow More pros & cons ... Conclusion Complex, entertaining music game with a mixed selection of songs

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