Fastweb launches the new Ultra FWA network in 50 cities

Fastweb launches the new Ultra FWA network in 50 cities
NeXXt Generation 2025 is the name of the plan with which Fastweb undertakes to connect millions of Italian families with gigabit methods. In short, five years to make our digital divide just a thing of the past. The pillar of this project is the activation of Ultra FWA in 50 Italian cities, to bring connectivity up to 1 Gb / s in medium-small cities, combined with the doubling of the speed from 1 to 2.5 Gb / s for 4 million families on FTTH network and the opening of the 5G mobile network for all customers, at no additional cost.

But that's not all: the operator has also launched two programs to respond to the health and economic emergency. With the "FASTWEB HELP SMALL ENTREPRENEURS" initiative, employees will be involved in a donation program to contribute to the creation of a 1 million Euro fund that will be used, in collaboration with Confcommercio and CESVI, to help small business customers in difficulties with non-repayable contributions equal to 5 thousand euros.

With "VOLUNTEERS FOR THE TRACING SYSTEM", Fastweb leverages its own skills and those of its employees to collaborate in the contact tracing system and support activities containment of infections. Employees, as volunteers during working hours, will take care of contacting the lists of positive people for Covid, provided by the ATS Metropolitan City of Milan and Lodi. They will carry out interviews to trace symptoms and evolution of the disease, fill in the personal details of family members and provide instructions on the isolation and quarantine of any cohabitants.

Returning to the network, Fastweb is the first operator in Italy and among the first in Europe to launch an UltraFWA network: as announced about a year ago, in the first 50 cities located in gray areas a new generation fixed connectivity service with speeds up to 1 Gb / s, without traffic limits and the number of connected devices, based on the innovative FWA infrastructure that combines the power of fiber and that of 5G frequencies.

The users residing in small to medium-sized cities, hitherto excluded from the gigabit revolution - such as Anzio or Avellino, Crema and Belluno, Nardò or Velletri - will have the opportunity to access the same opportunities reserved up to now for large cities. It starts with 50 municipalities that will become over 500 by 2021 and 2,000 by 2024, for a total coverage of 8 million homes in the gray areas and 4 million in the white areas.

«All in the name of transparency and simplicity, to bring the customer experience ever closer to that of Over the Top operators thanks to the entirely digital assistance and a simple and very fast activation process: the customer can check the availability of coverage online and book the appointment for the activation of the service already for the next day »explains Fastweb.

Significant news also for those who were already surfing at 1 Gb / sec since, thanks to a technological upgrade of the proprietary FTTH network, the connection is increased to 2.5 Gb / sec. In 30 large cities, for a total coverage of about 4 million homes, ultra-fast connectivity therefore goes from 1 Gb / s to family to 1 Gb / s to person.

An increase in performance which, in the logic of transparency which characterizes the NeXXt Generation, will be available indistinctly for new as well as for existing customers, who will be able to request an upgrade of their connection at no additional cost.

The new speed performances will be available from the beginning next year gradually for families and micro-enterprises certified on the proprietary FTTH network. Finally, the NeXXt Generation 2025 revolution for mobile: from December 27th Fastweb launches its 5G mobile service, which will be included in all offers for both new customers and existing customers at no additional cost.

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