Covid, deadlines and extensions for driving licenses, road tax and car inspection

Covid, deadlines and extensions for driving licenses, road tax and car inspection
The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a 2020 rather full of restrictions and lockdowns. To counter the contagion curve, which is constantly growing, the Government has repeatedly introduced traffic blocks in order to avoid drastic consequences on the health of citizens. A few weeks before the end of 2020 there are many motorists who have to cope with the deadlines for road tax, car liability and vehicle inspection, we try to take stock of the situation.

The Government has decided to change the deadlines with interventions useful not only for motorists, but also in order to reduce the workload at the motorizations, definitely under stress following the blocks. Not surprisingly, the recent Cura Italia Decree was launched with the aim of meeting citizens, thus allowing them to remain in compliance with all bureaucratic requirements.

Car tax and news

As regards the car tax, it is important to reiterate that it is not a state but a regional tax. It will therefore be the individual regions, possibly, to be able to make measures deemed more suitable for the same motorists. In fact, some regions have decided to postpone the payment, giving users the possibility to postpone payments, previously set for March, April and May. Referring to the data reported by the ACI, at least eight regions have decided to postpone car tax payments, including Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Campania, Piedmont, Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and Veneto.

Driving license and pink paper

The recent lockdown, albeit in the last period differentiated on the national territory by some red areas, has pushed the Government to pass a new amendment so as to meet the needs of citizens. Licenses and pink papers expired or expiring during the pandemic period have in fact undergone extensions relating to the deadlines. However, no distinction was made between the regions and the same amendment led to the postponement of the validity of the documents - expired from January 31, 2020 - from December 31, 2020 to April 30, 2021. Not surprisingly, an automatic mechanism was also introduced of extension, and in this regard the Deputy Minister Giancarlo Cancelleri declared:

The postponement concerns all administrative acts expiring or expired starting from January 31, 2020. From now on, in case it is unfortunate to extend the Coronavirus emergency and should a new Dpcm be issued, the expiry of the certificates will also be automatically extended. In this way, the continuous ordinances that "chased" the extensions of the emergency phase resulting from the various Dpcm are avoided.

Practical tests for the driving license

There are also many young people who must lead to end of driving exams. It must be reiterated that the transition from the red to the orange band has allowed driving schools to be able to return to regular activity since last November 30.

Car overhaul

the Simplification Law Decree passed in September is in force. In detail, in Italy vehicles with inspections expiring before February 2020 could circulate until 31 October 2020, while for expirations with a frequency in the month of February they could circulate in Italy until 31 October and in European Union countries to September 30th. However, cars with overdue inspections between March and August see an extension of 7 months, following the expiration. Our country has also seen further extensions regarding the review and in recent months the deadlines set for September have been extended with the possibility of renewal until 31 December 2020; instead those ending in October, November and December have been extended until February 28, 2021.

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