Black Friday: Resident Evil 3 on PS4 at half price at Auchan

Black Friday: Resident Evil 3 on PS4 at half price at Auchan
At Auchan, there are many discounts on video games. This time, the store is tackling Capcom's flagship saga, namely Resident Evil.

Auchan promo: Resident Evil 3 Remake on PS4 at -50%

Buy Resident Evil 3 Remake on PS4 priced at € 19.99 instead of € 39.99 at Auchan

After offering players to take control of Leon or Claire in the remake of the second opus, Capcom has delivered to players the remake of the third opus. This Resident Evil 3, currently available on PlayStation 4 for € 19.99 instead of € 39.99 at Auchan, features Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira who are trying everything to escape Raccoon City, a city infested by zombies.

In Resident Evil 3, relive the darkest events of the city of Raccoon City. You will play there Jill Valentine, iconic heroine of the saga, who will have to use all her knowledge and skills to escape the threat of Virus-T, the pharmaceutical company Umbrela Corporation and the terrible "Nemesis". Nemesis is a humanoid biological weapon, as brutal as it is clever that no one can stop. Equipped with an arsenal of great power and recognizable by its dark suit, it destroys all the obstacles that stand in its way. Resident Evil 3 also includes Resident Evil Resistance, a 4v1 multiplayer title. As a Mastermind, one of the players will play one of the key characters in the series and will be in charge of death traps to test the survivors played by the other 4 players. . The Mastermind will be able to manipulate the environment, set traps, place creatures and armed security cameras to attack the unfortunate survivors. For their part, the survivors will have to work together, taking advantage of the special abilities of different characters and different weapons to have a chance to escape.

Carnbee's opinion Score: 15/20

S.T.A.R.S bends but does not break under the onslaught of the awesome Nemesis. If at the time, Resident Evil 3 had brought real new gameplay compared to the second episode, the RE3 of 2020 is preserved. Graphically splendid, fluid, and boosted by devilishly successful sequences, Capcom's software enjoys a sustained pace despite a less inspired second half. Although the adventure is short, Capcom's latest addition meets the specifications. So the virus takes again, but our antibodies are strong. After the first Mister X attack of 2019, this Nemesis didn't give us the same tachycardia. Fans might not forgive some cuts to the core story, while newbies will appreciate an epic worth seeing. The asymmetric multiplayer mode, it is difficult to convince. Ultimately, whether or not you have known the original version of Resident Evil 3, Jill will know how to lead you one last time, and with panache, in the hellish streets of Raccoon City. Resident Evil 3: An uneven but nervous revisit of Raccoon City

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