Become a web developer today: what Epicode is

Become a web developer today: what Epicode is
Epicode is a project born from the observation of the Italian employment dynamics where, despite an apparently stagnant labor market whose situation is further aggravated by the consequences of the pandemic emergency, approximately 160,000 jobs remain vacant every year for IT specialists . Of the latter, 30,000 relate to developer positions that companies are struggling to find.

To make this context more problematic, there is a 23% unemployment rate for graduates, a presence in the national territory of over 2 millions of NEETs (Neither in Employment or in Education or Training), that is young people who do not study and do not work, the difficulties in finding a job even for graduates and the historical economic gap between the South and the rest of the Peninsula.

Epicode therefore proposes a revolutionary teaching methodology, aimed at the training of Web developers, whose goal is to simplify the apparently difficult meeting between supply and demand for work. In just 3 months his online school is able to teach the craft of the developer, but the collaboration does not stop there when Epicode also undertakes to find a job for its students.

Epicode : the characteristics of the Web developer course

The course for Web developer proposed by Epicode has several completely original characteristics and offers guarantees that are in many ways unprecedented in the training sector:

takes place completely online, all lessons are held in "Bootcamp" mode and you have a personal coach available to contact at any time for any doubt or need for further information. As anticipated, it lasts only 3 months and is based on a teaching method that is 70% practical and 30% theoretical particularly intensive thanks to which to train the professional figures actually required by the market and companies. It provides for a significantly lower participation fee than those necessary to benefit from a master or professional course dedicated to the same sector. The payment is divided into two installments, the second installment must be paid only after the school has found the job and only if it has found it. It does not require its students to possess particular qualifications and is also inclusive of those who have not earned a diploma or degree. The training plan is continuously reformulated on the basis of requests from the labor market. This is possible thanks to a constant contact between Epicode and the fabric of economic operators, thousands of companies that need figures with digital skills but who in 40% of cases cannot find them. The possibilities of rapid integration into the world of work are today even more numerous in a period of full explosion of smart working, now more than ever a course like that of Epicode allows you to work wherever you are, it is no longer necessary to go to a office or abandoning one's own land.

How Epicode's online courses work

To understand the effectiveness of the Epicode Web developer course, it is sufficient to analyze its structure, entirely focused on fundamental topics for become immediately operational once used.

First month, during which you will learn to:

know the basics of Internet protocols; know the basics of programming; know the basics of software architectures; create the visual part of a website; create static web pages using HTML and CSS. Second month, during which the skills needed to:

use the programming cycles; create interactive web pages with JavaScript and the JQuery framework; know and use the most popular front-end frameworks such as Angular JS; connect to a database and dynamically obtain data and information. Third and last month at the end of which you will know:

create and manage relational databases through the SQL language; know and apply architectures; create complex web applications with PHP; use the most popular back-end frameworks such as Laravel; manage a digital project. The intensive training week instead includes:

lessons with teachers and meetings with expert developers, in the morning from Monday to Thursday; always from Monday to Thursday, but in the afternoon, classroom exercises with tutors and the possibility of booking an individual coach for comparisons and recovery. Friday day completely dedicated to comparisons and recoveries with bookable individual coaches. Teachers, tutors and coaches are all able to boast over ten years of teaching in their subjects providing a further guarantee on the quality of the project.

Take an online course with Epicode to work immediately as Web developer

Are you a high school graduate or graduate and despite your qualifications you still haven't managed to find a job? Are you already working but have a precarious job that you are not at all satisfied with? Do you live in Southern Italy and don't want to leave your land to find a job? Have you graduated but are not sure that 5 years of university can offer you more guarantees from a working point of view?

Epicode allows you to increase your skills and not just enrich that CV that you may have sent many times without receiving no answer. You will pay the entire course only if and when Epicode finds you a job in the sector for which you have taken the Web developer course.

To request information and get more details on this profession, fill out the form on this page : the editorial staff of Punto Informatico will contact you to give you all the details.

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