Attack of the Giants 4 - number of episodes confirmed

Attack of the Giants 4 - number of episodes confirmed
A few days ago we reported the rumor according to which Attack of the Giants 4 or the last highly anticipated season of the successful anime series would be composed of only 16 episodes generating more than a doubt about the actual adaptation of the paper counterpart in a faithful way. br>
In the late evening of yesterday this rumor would have been unofficially confirmed by the same website of the anime that made official the arrival in blu-ray of Attack of the Giants 4 in two box sets of 8 episodes each one in May with episodes 60-67 and the other in July 2021 with episodes 68-75.

The possibility remains that the last season of the anime will be divided into two blocks of episodes or less probable a series of films or OAVs that conclude the series by reaching the events of the manga.

Attack of the Giants 4 - the title of the first episode and the acronyms

The first episode will be titled " Across the ocean ”, here is the synopsis:

Quan How long has it been since the battle between humanity and the giants began? Eren arrived on the other side of the ocean, where he wanted to go, but the war continues and peace is not on the horizon. Who are they and what are they fighting for? Now, a little soldier boy is risking his life by launching himself on the front line.

This is the promotional image:

This is the opening and the ending:

TV anime "Attack on Titan: The Final Season" Ending . # 進 撃 の 巨人 #shingeki

Song: 'Shougeki' (Shock) by Yuuko Andou

- Ranobe Sugoi (+) (@RanobeSugoi) December 6, 2020

Attack of the Giants 4 - in Italy

Dynit has announced the arrival in simulcast of Attack of the Giants 4 starting from 8 December on VVVVID free streaming platform.

But that's not all because starting from December 19, instead, Attack of the Giants 4 will be available dubbed in Italian both on VVVVID and on Amazon Prime Video.

Leaving you with the trailer, we remind you that Attack of the Giants 4 is the last season of the lucky anime!

Here you are Dynit presented the series:

“ The giant continued to relentlessly seek freedom. He fought for freedom. His name is Attack Giant. " Beyond the wall the truth is finally revealed. So far humanity has made immense sacrifices, but we must continue to move forward. Six years have passed since the attack of the Colossal Giant. The Detective Corps conducts an investigation outside the Wall Maria. "Outside the walls there is the sea, and the sea means freedom. At least that's how I've always believed… ”. But the sea that human beings have reached for the first time ... will it really be synonymous with freedom?

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Attack on Titan - manga and anime

Attack of the Giants is published in Italy by Planet Manga with 29 volumes out of the 32 already available in Japan.

Here is the synopsis of the series:

In an alternative Middle Ages the Giants, very tall and monstrous creatures that eat human flesh threaten humanity with their presence. Despite the construction of a city protected by three walls, in the year 845 the Giants, led by a Colossal Giant, will return to attack. In this battle the protagonist Eren will lose his mother, devoured alive in front of his eyes. Torn by grief, together with his childhood friend Armin and his adoptive sister Mikasa, he will join the army and will try, with all his might, to take revenge.

The manga inspired an anime series currently consisting of three seasons: the first in 2013, consisting of 25 episodes; the second in 2017 with 12 episodes; the third season with 22 episodes. The episodes can be watched for free on VVVVID, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. The fourth season of the anime, the last, was due to debut in the fall of 2020.

Start reading The Attack of the Giants with the first volume of the Colossal Edition.

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