Persona 5: the Futaba cosplay from win_winry_ in a swimsuit takes us back to the sea

Persona 5: the Futaba cosplay from win_winry_ in a swimsuit takes us back to the sea

Persona 5

Persona 5 is also a considerable source of inspiration for cosplayers, given the large amount of charismatic characters it contains, and in this case we see a Futaba cosplay by win_winry_ that takes us back to the sea, complete with a swimsuit.

This is not exactly a standard interpretation for Futaba Sakura, which usually shows itself in other slightly more sweetened outfits, but the style chosen by win_winry_ really fully incorporates the typical characteristics of the original character.

Persona 5's Phantom Thieves Navigator is usually a very shy character, aiming to be inconspicuous. Her standard attire reflects her willingness to stay on the sidelines, with large goggles and a series of "layers" of clothing to cover up as much as possible, but in this case the cosplayer shows her in a completely different situation.

On the other hand, the goggles are still there, as is the flaming red hair. Even the headphones are perfectly in line with the character and, in general, the reinterpretation of win_winry_ proves to be original and very apt, in line with the spirit of the character.

Seeing her in a bathing suit and at the beach, she does also come a bit of nostalgia now that we find ourselves more and more directed towards winter, but the vision is undoubtedly pleasant anyway.

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