ENGWE EP-2 Pro, powerful motor (750 watts) and 100 km range | Test and Review

ENGWE EP-2 Pro, powerful motor (750 watts) and 100 km range | Test and Review


Among the Chinese eBike brands, a handful are managing to position themselves well in the Italian market, and one of them is Engwe. Suffice it to say that they were also present at Eicma and that their electric bicycles will also find a place in some physical stores, a distribution channel unattainable by many other brands that rely solely on online sales. We tried their most popular model, the Engwe EP-2 Pro, an eBike with a powerful motor, extended autonomy and foldable on itself.

How it gets home

If you buy it online, it will arrive semi assembled, but compared to other models you will have to install a few more pieces. Specifically, we are referring to the handlebar column, which on many models simply arrives folded and all you have to do is install the handlebar itself and adjust the position of the instrumentation. In this case, on the other hand, you will also have to insert the steering column into the tube and act on an Allen screw that will anchor it to the frame. You will then have to insert the saddle, screw on the pedals, install the mudguards and the rear rack. Obviously, these latter accessories are optional, but considering the off-road nature of this eBike, you would do well to install them. In about 15 minutes you should get away with it, in our case we had no particular problems and inside the package there are all the tools necessary for installation. However the quality of the screwdrivers, Allen wrenches and wrenches is mediocre, they will be fine if you don't have your own superior quality tools.

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The on-board computer is central, large and with large characters, while the gear selector is positioned on the right. The gearbox is Shimano seven-speed. A portion of the right knob integrates the accelerator while a couple of buttons, for ignition and for interacting with the on-board computer, are positioned near the left knob, together with a mechanical bell.

How does it fold?

To fold the bicycle back on itself you only have to act on a lever positioned on the central barrel, right in the middle of the bicycle, and then fold the frame back on itself . It is not a very simple operation, more than anything else because the total weight is about 34 kilograms and tinkering with a frame of this size and weight takes some practice. The handlebar, after unlocking a special alloy, folds 180 degrees. In the lower part of the frame a "protuberance" has been added as a sort of central stand, so as to prevent some more fragile parts from touching the ground in closed mode.

The length, when closed, is slightly less of 80 centimeters, for about thirty in width and about 80 in height. It is not tiny, far from it, and it is certainly not the bicycle that can be easily inserted into a small car. However, if you have a car with a medium-sized trunk and the strength to lift it and set it down easily, then you can take it with you for a nice gravel ride.

User experience

The most attentive will have already understood that due to its technical specifications this electric bicycle is not compatible with Italian traffic regulations. According to the law, an eBike can circulate freely on our roads only if it has an electric motor with a maximum power of 250 watts, if the maximum speed is 25 km per hour and if it is not equipped with an accelerator. When you go beyond these characteristics, the vehicle will no longer be considered an electric bicycle, but will be equated to a moped, and this means requesting the homologation, the license plate, the insurance, the use of the helmet and therefore also possessing the patentino.

It is our duty to remember the legislation, after which we cannot ignore the fact that every day we see bicycles of this kind speeding through the city streets. This is not a sufficient reason to be justified in doing it, but in case you want to use it in situations where the traffic laws do not apply, then you can do it without problems.

We have tried it in several situations, even if the large 20 ”tires and front shock absorbers make it perfect on rough roads or dirt roads. It is possible to remove the 25 km / hour limit simply by acting on a combination of keys from the on-board computer, and in this case you will easily reach about 40 km / h (speed that we suggest you avoid, if not equipped with appropriate safety protections). The 750-watt motor, with an even higher peak power, is immediately felt as soon as you start pedaling and the electric motor is triggered to support pedaling. Especially if you have selected the highest support level. As in many eBikes, the different level will define up to what speed the electric motor must deliver energy. The presence of an accelerator allows you to use it in electric mode only, therefore just like a moped.

The driving position with the arms raised is unusual for the first few kilometers, but then you will I realize that it is comfortable. The idea is no different from that of cruiser motorcycles, with which to grind many kilometers without getting tired. You can get a more traditional riding position by raising the saddle, but since the height of the handlebar is fixed, you will find yourself sitting very high with the impossibility of touching the ground, except on tiptoe or getting off the saddle when stopped. It will seem strange to keep the seat low and the handlebars high, but it is just a matter of getting used to.

In fully electric mode, so using the accelerator, you will be able to travel about fifty kilometers, while in assisted mode you will succeed to double this autonomy. We have obtained approximately these results which are no different from those indicated by the manufacturer. However, a lot can change according to the level of energy delivery, if maximum, if lower or if you will even unlock the speed to always go to the maximum. The latter is clearly the worst situation that could even halve the autonomy in electric only.


The Engwe Ep-2 Pro is an electric bicycle, first of all, very comfortable . After all, bicycles with this design are used by many drivers for home delivery that we see every day on our roads, an indirect proof of comfort and reliability, even in all climatic conditions.

In our case we can define it the 'Most comfortable eBike we've tried. Not only for the saddle, but above all for the riding position. The large screen is equally appreciable. However, it is not the bicycle that we would recommend if you are looking for a model to fold and always carry with you, it is too big and heavy. Only if you have a car with a large trunk and you want to have the opportunity, from time to time, to take a trip out of town to tackle a dirt road, then this feature will come in handy.

The list price of 999 , 99 euros, which can also be lowered through coupons (available on the net), is definitely in line with what it offers. It is a pity that the power of the engine and the accelerator are not compatible with the law, which are probably not very much in step with the times, but which we cannot ignore. If you are interested and are aware of what you are buying, you will make an excellent purchase.

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