Arcane, Jinx cosplay from nadyasonika is really perfect

Arcane, Jinx cosplay from nadyasonika is really perfect


Arcane has quickly become one of the most popular Netflix animated productions, managing however to be loved not only by League of Legends fans but also by many other users who did not know Riot Games' MOBA at all, and its popularity has been amplified from the diffusion among cosplayers and fans: in this new wave we also find the cosplay of Jinx by nadyasonika.

The model has chosen to re-propose this cosplay on the occasion of the anniversary of the first release of Arcane on Netflix. Also in this case the chosen subject is Jinx, a character who certainly more than all the others, and perhaps together with her sister Vi, emerges in the narration of Arcane, despite the fact that the work is actually choral, involving a considerable number of different characters, in line with a game characterized by a huge roster like League of Legends .

Jinx has climbed the rankings of preference surpassing even other sacred monsters of the League of Legends pantheon, becoming one of the most interpreted subjects by cosplayers, as also demonstrated this excellent version by nadyasonika, able to stage a very faithful version of the co-protagonist of the animated series.

The flashy hair is typical with long braids, but the dress is also reproduced with extreme fidelity, as well as the classic make-up of the girl, making this perhaps one of the best reproductions seen recently.

Also in this case, the shots show some of the typical characteristics of Jinx, who mixes genius, madness, sadness and youthful enthusiasm in a truly explosive whole, so much so as to make her an unpredictable and fundamentally crazy character. Despite her sentimental side often resurfaces, especially in the bond with her sister Vi, Jinx does not hesitate to sow chaos, seeking spectacularity and unbridled destruction, but in the Arcane series she emerges as a much more multifaceted and profound character.

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