Dragon Ball: The cosplay of C18 from Xandrastax sports the uniform of the Turtle

Dragon Ball: The cosplay of C18 from Xandrastax sports the uniform of the Turtle

Dragon Ball

Let's go back to the myth of Dragon Ball for a new cosplay of C18 (or Android 18) by xandrastax, who also in this case engages in a particular but always excellent interpretation of the character created by Akira Toriyama, in which he sports the uniform of the Turtle School.

We have already seen the Polish cosplayer struggling with the character before and always with really good results, so also in this case we see how she manages to recreate the glacial cyborg of Dragon Ball to perfection, thanks to the cold look that distinguishes her and to her appearance really close to the beautiful and icy platinum blonde fighter, but in this case the unusual choice of costume also gives the whole thing a special touch.

The C18 by Xandrastax is in fact dressed with the typical uniform of the Turtle School, that is the historical combat suit of Goku and Krillin, orange with blue finishes, even if the version developed by the model is decisively you more succinct and provocative than the classic one.

Dr Gelo's creature, specially designed and built for combat, is not exactly one of the main characters in the historic cast of Dragon Ball, yet Android 18 continues to be one of the most popular subjects by cosplayers all over the world as well as one of the most sensual and intriguing female characters created by Toriyama.

In this case, the beautiful xandrastax shows us her new "casual" version of C- 18, as she defines it in the message attached to the photos, with a dress that pays homage to the fighting school followed by her partner. The dress was also shown on the occasion of Etna Comics in Catania last month.

If you want other cosplay, we refer you to some of the most recent such as Kiriko cosplay from Nadyasonika from Overwatch 2, Pyramid Head cosplay from Jessica Nigri with the Silent Hill nurses, Tsunade's from yaizaperez all in body painting, taken from Naruto, the Zelda cosplay from starbuxx and the Midnight cosplay from katyuskamoonfox from My Hero Academia.

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Dragon Ball: How The Breakers Connects to Xenoverse

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Bandai Namco's Dragon Ball: The Breakers has been on the minds of many Dragon Ball fans for a while now, ever since it was first announced almost a year ago. The asymmetrical multiplayer game, which looks to be a refreshing change of pace for Dragon Ball games, will finally release later this month.

Naturally, there have been a few final announcements made about the game in anticipation of the fast-approaching release date. What is perhaps the most surprising of these is the reveal that The Breakers will actually take place in the same timeline as the popular Dragon Ball Xenoverse series. As the Xenoverse series has a strong, determined following, fans will likely want to know more about the connection between the two universes, so here are further details.

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Explaining Dragon Ball's Xenoverse

The plot of Dragon Ball: Xenoverse and Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 involves an original character who travels through time to protect the Dragon Ball universe. After some villains begin interfering with time travel to finally defeat Goku and the series' other strongest fighters, a future version of Trunks makes a wish on the Dragon Balls for a strong hero to arrive and help. This wish creates the main protagonist of the Xenoverse games, a custom character designed by players, who then travels all throughout the Dragon Ball timeline to keep the heroes of the past safe.

The Xenoverse games do explore iconic moments in Dragon Ball history, from the arrival of Raditz on Earth to the time Majin Buu was released. However, the time travel aspect of the titles and the appearance of the game's custom fighter at those events create an alternate reality that is separate from the canon of the main Dragon Ball universe.

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What to Know About Dragon Ball: The Breakers

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is a seven-versus-one asymmetrical survival game with a format similar to Dead By Daylight. One player takes control of one of the major villains of the series, such as Cell or the recently announced Frieza, and hunts down a group of seven players who control unpowered civilian characters. The team of seven players must work together to avoid the villain and escape.

The story of The Breakers, much like the Xenoverse games, heavily involves time travel. The seven ordinary citizens find themselves caught in a phenomenon called the Temporal Stream. Their primary method of escaping the villain hunting them is to create a time machine.

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How Dragon Ball: The Breakers and the Xenoverse Connect

In a recent video posted online, Ryosuke Hara, the Producer of Dragon Ball: The Breakers, announced that it and the Xenoverse games take place in the same universe and will connect to each other, both story-wise and in gameplay terms. It's fairly easy to see a connection between the two. Time travel is so deeply integral to the plot of both The Breakers and the Xenoverse games that the various major Dragon Ball villains hopping around time in Xenoverse could very well be the same versions of those villains who go around terrorizing civilians in The Breakers.

Further, Dragon Ball: The Breakers will be able to access save data from Xenoverse 2, and grant players rewards based on their progress in Xenoverse 2, though full details about what these rewards are have not been announced yet. It's also entirely possible that players of The Breakers who have Xenoverse 2 save data might catch a glimpse of their personal custom hero at some point in the game.

The connection between The Breakers and Xenoverse came as a surprise to many fans at first, but after giving it a bit of thought, the connection makes sense. However, players might not get to know the full scope of this connection between the Xenoverse games and Dragon Ball: The Breakers until the latter finally releases on October 14.

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