Logitech Brio 500 | Review

Logitech Brio 500 | Review

Four years after the launch of Brio 4K, Logitech is back on the consumer webcam market with Brio 500, a device intended for both home users and professionals. The maximum resolution might make purists turn their noses up a bit, as we are talking about 1080p at 30fps (or 720p at 60fps), but the webcam amazes in other areas, probably even more important.

In fact, the lens has a 90 ° field of view, although 78 ° or 65 ° can be selected, not to mention the presence of a built-in shutter for maximum privacy and support for "RightSight" AI technology that follows the subject, to provide always an excellent shot in any situation. As for the price, the Logitech Brio 500 webcam is available in three different colors (white, dark gray and pink) at the price of 150 €, a value a little above the average when compared with other competing products.


Compared to previous models from Logitech itself, Brio 500 offers a decidedly more modern design, with a cylinder-shaped plastic case. The Swiss company is also very attentive to environmental impact, so much so that the device has been classified as "carbon neutral" and for its construction post-consumer recycled plastic was used (68% for the gray model and 54% for the white ones and pink). The dimensions are quite small (31.5x110x31.5 mm), as well as the weight, of 121 grams including the support), allowing the webcam to be used without any problem on any monitor and / or notebook. Rather useful is the privacy shutter that allows, with a quick movement, to physically obscure the lens so as to be sure that it cannot be seen even in the unfortunate case the webcam is started incorrectly (even by possible remote attackers).| ); }


Now let's see how the Logitech Brio 500 webcam fares in everyday use. The first test was carried out in a brightly lit environment, where the device did a good job of adjusting the exposure and white balance, so as to produce a well-lit and balanced image, highlighting the face perfection. Certainly, an important part is played by Logitech's RightLight 4 technology, which ensures uniform illumination of the subject in any light condition, even those that are not ideal, although in the case of already strong ambient lighting it tends to return an image. flatter and less dynamic.

In any case, RightLight 4 gives its best in the most extreme conditions, where there are few light sources. We tried to activate the webcam illuminated only by the monitor and, also in this case, it was possible to capture our figure in an optimal way, allowing a glimpse of a little of the background. Finally, the last test was conducted in an overexposed environment, but the Logitech Brio 500 webcam also passed this difficult test brilliantly, returning a good overall image, although some details were lost both on the face and, above all, in the background.


The Logitech Brio 500 is equipped with a dual microphone with beamforming technology with noise reduction which, according to our tests, proved to be of good quality. In fact, the device was able to capture our voice optimally even at several meters from the station, as long as we were facing the webcam. Even at close range, the quality obtained, although not equal to a real mid-range external microphone, was rather appreciable.


The Logi Tune software takes care of the complete management of the Brio 500 webcam, from the firmware update to the settings related to image capture (such as the adjustment of autofocus, automatic exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpness, brightness or width of the field of view). It also integrates with videoconferencing applications and with the calendar, so as to optimize your commitments.

The "RightSight" modes (still in beta) are particularly interesting, which, as we said in opening, uses artificial intelligence algorithms to always have a perfectly centered frame on your face even when moving, and "Show Mode", which makes objects on the desk visible.


Logitech Brio 500 is a webcam with a modern design, equipped with an integrated shutter (particularly important for all those who care about their privacy), a high-performance dual microphone and capable of offering very good performance in any light condition. Undoubtedly, this is a product to really consider if you are looking for a quality webcam to use with your desktop (or possibly to improve the one already on your laptop).

The only weaknesses of this Logitech-branded accessory concern the resolution (1080p is more than adequate, but we would have preferred to see 4K) and, above all, the price. In particular, staying at Logitech, we find other cheaper products with the same resolution, such as the C920s or the C930e (same 90 ° field of view), which could lead particularly budget-conscious potential buyers to consider the latest arrival, despite its undoubted qualities.

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