What is the safest Windows browser?

What is the safest Windows browser?

Undoubtedly, the browser is one of the most important and most used programs by people, as it allows you to browse the Internet and take advantage of many webapps for study, work and much more.

However, the network hides many pitfalls and, in case you are concerned about the integrity of your data, and security in general, it would be good to know which browsers are the safest to use on the Windows operating system. Since Windows is the most popular OS in the world, it will therefore always be targeted by cybercriminals, who will try to exploit its vulnerabilities starting with tools that connect to the web.

In this article, we will show you which browsers allow you to better protect your privacy.


Frequently updated even today, Firefox is open source and very customizable through extensions and additional components . From a security perspective, it has multiple options to prevent tracking and take action on various other security and privacy features.

Suitable for both experienced and less experienced users, FireFox is undoubtedly one of the best browsers for privacy and security.


Newer than FireFox, Brave was launched in 2019 and already comes standard with search options and components on the Internet securely. For example, the browser always tries to load sites with the HTTPS protocol and blocks ads, scripts and trackers. Unfortunately, this behavior may sometimes be unwelcome by some sites, for which it is necessary to disable these options.

Download link: Brave (free)

Pale Moon

Fork by FireFox and even more customizable, Pale Moon, which boasts the slogan "Your browser, Your Way". your way), is best suited for advanced users who want to tinker with settings.

Pale Moon has synchronization features, security indicators, and a detailed permissions manager. The latter allows you to block any domain from storing cookies and data, displaying pop-ups, installing extensions, uploading images and more. The browser also has its own plug-ins and a series of custom themes.

Pale Moon is open source and has a rather active developer community. Its greatest strength is also its weakness, as only the most savvy users will be able to take full advantage of its countless possibilities.

Link Download: Pale Moon (free)


Acronym for The Onion Router, Tor is a protocol that allows anonymous communication on the Internet by sending the user's traffic through different servers, thus obscuring their browsing.

Tor Browser is, like Pale Moon, a modified version of FireFox and constitutes the official browser of the project. By default, Tor hides your IP address, location and other data that could be used to identify you or track your online behavior and browsing habits.

Obviously, within the settings it is possible to intervene on a number of other options to further maximize privacy and security, such as deactivating certificates, activating HTTPS-only mode and much more.

Unfortunately, compared to the other programs on this list, Tor Browser is definitely more slow, but if you want maximum online privacy this is the price you pay.

Download Link: Tor (Free)

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