The best hybrid cars under 35 thousand euros with incentives

The best hybrid cars under 35 thousand euros with incentives

The new 2022 car incentives allow you to buy a new plug-in hybrid car at a reduced price. This type of car generally has a much higher price than its petrol counterparts due to the presence of a hybrid system consisting of an electric motor supported by a battery pack.

Plug-in hybrid cars have the ability to ensure zero emission operation, with a mode of use in which there is only the active electric motor. This mode is perfect for use in an urban setting and for the small commutes of everyday life. Depending on the model, it is possible to travel a few tens of kilometers with zero emissions with a plug-in hybrid.

Hybrid cars with plug-in system can therefore be purchased with preferential conditions thanks to car incentives. The average price of a hybrid is generally very high and the eco-bonus provided for this category of vehicles is slightly lower than that recognized for electric vehicles. Given these elements, it is necessary to make some evaluations to identify the most convenient model to buy. Is it possible to buy a plug-in hybrid car for less than 35,000 euros?

It is usually not easy to find plug-in hybrids for under 40,000 euros. By resorting to incentives, however, savings margins grow and spending decreases. For some models currently available on the market it is possible to go below the set threshold, even reaching less than 30,000 euros, taking advantage of some ad hoc offers from the seller. So let's see which are the best plug-in hybrids to buy in this price range thanks to the 2022 car incentives.

Ecobonus for plug-in hybrid cars: amount and limits

Alternatively, you can count on an incentive of 2,000 euros in the event of a purchase without scrapping a vehicle. The margins to cut the cost of buying a new car are therefore all there. However, there is another limit to consider in addition to emissions. Not all plug-in hybrids with emissions of 60 grams of CO2 per kilometer or less can be purchased with government incentives.

Models with a list price equal to or greater than 45,000 euros plus VAT, IPT and roadside installation (totaling about 55,000 euros), in fact, will not be eligible for the eco-bonus. A super efficient hybrid car but with a high list price, therefore, is not compatible with the incentives and can only be purchased at full price.

There is a third element to consider in order to access hybrid car incentives. It is about the availability of funds for the eco-bonus. For 2022, in fact, 225 million euros have been allocated to be allocated to the provision of purchase incentives for cars with emissions between 21 and 60 grams of CO2 per kilometer. | ); } For 2023 and 2024, however, the funds will rise to 235 million euros and 245 million euros respectively. In order to be able to purchase a hybrid car with incentives, it is therefore necessary to verify compliance with the emission constraint as well as the price constraint, then also verifying the actual availability of funds for this category of cars.

Plug-in hybrid cars that can be purchased for less than 35,000 euros thanks to the 2022 car incentives

There are several models of hybrid cars on the market that can be purchased with the 2022 car incentives at a price less than 35,000 euros. Below we will see the list of models included in the 21-60 g / km range for which it is possible to access an eco-bonus of up to 4,000 euros. We specify that the list is a selection of the models available and that, based on the offers of the individual manufacturers, other hybrid cars could fall within this price range thanks to the incentives.

Thanks to current promotions and, above all, to car incentives, buying Ford's hybrid SUV for less than 35 thousand euros is a possible goal and, probably, one of the most convenient choices in this category of cars. The most complete fittings of the Ford Kuga in the Plug-in Hybrid version start at around 42 thousand but are often offered at a discount for less than 40 thousand euros.

With the car incentives it is, therefore, possible to focus on a more equipped variant of the SUV and equally spend an amount of around 35,000 euros to complete the purchase and drive the desired hybrid.


Among the plug-in hybrids to buy with the 2022 car incentives there is also the MG EHS, one of the models that make up the reborn MG brand, now under control of the Chinese SAIC Motors. The MG crossover is available in Italy with a starting price of 36,290 euros. Thanks to the contribution of the car incentives, therefore, it is possible, easily, to go below 35,000 euros and buy a new MG EHS with a price very close to 30,000 euros. Also worth considering is the possibility of focusing on the richer Exclusive set-up which, with the incentives, costs little more than the threshold set by our survey.

Opel Astra

Another hybrid car to buy for less than 35 thousand euros using the eco-bonus is the Opel Astra proposed by the German brand in the 180 Plug-In Hybrid variant CV. This variant of the Opel C-segment hatchback is available in various configurations with a starting list price of 35,700 euros which is reduced to 34,248 euros by choosing to purchase through the Opel online store. Adding up the car incentives, therefore, it is possible to buy the car for just over 30 thousand euros. The most demanding customers can also focus on richer versions than the basic one (such as the GS Line and Business Elegance versions) which, thanks to the eco-bonus, cost less than 35,000 euros.

Peugeot 308

The Peugeot 308 Hybrid, thanks to its 180 HP plug-in system (the same used also by the Opel Astra seen above), can also be purchased with the car incentives for hybrids and the price can drop below 35 thousand euros. The hybrid range of the Peugeot 308, in fact, starts at around € 37,000 which, thanks to the € 4,000 bonus, is reduced to around € 33,000. The threshold of 30 thousand euros is, therefore, very close and can be reached thanks to offers and promotions that, from time to time, the French house could offer. In addition, with around 1,000 euros more, it is possible to bet on the Peugeot 308 SW Hybrid family variant.

Renault Captur and Megane Among the plug-in hybrid cars to buy for less than 35,000 euros thanks to the 2022 car incentives we find some Renault models. In particular, in this price range it is possible to focus on the Renault Captur crossover in the E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid 160 variant which starts from a list price of 34,000 euros. Thanks to the eco-bonus, with scrapping, it is possible to purchase the crossover at a price of 30,000 euros. There are also other arrangements available to customers, richer than the Intens base, so it is possible to purchase with car incentives.

Among the options available to those looking for a new hybrid, Renault also offers the Renault Megane in the E-TECH Plug-In Hybrid 160 variant which incorporates the same technical sector as the Captur. This version is available with a list price of 36,350 euros which can therefore be reduced to 32,350 euros thanks to state incentives. There is also the possibility of focusing on the richer R.S. Line which, thanks to the eco-bonus, starts at € 36,950, approaching the threshold set by our survey.

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