Which iPad to buy in 2022? A complete guide to choosing

Which iPad to buy in 2022? A complete guide to choosing

Over the years, Apple's iPads have effectively established themselves as the best tablets to buy for most users, yet in 2022 choosing which iPad to buy while avoiding unnecessary expenses has become a matter for experts. On the one hand, in fact, the Cupertino company has successfully implemented a far-sighted and profitable strategy - that is to create powerful and easy-to-use products by offering them on a price range that starts from 339 euros and reaches more than 2400; on the other hand, the number of devices and configurations over the years has multiplied precisely to meet the numerous needs of a growing public, making the choice more difficult. So here's how to navigate the configurations of iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad and iPad Mini and choose the most suitable one.

A question of memory

The amount of memory to be used on board represents one of the two dilemmas to be solved together with the choice of the model. In fact, all iPads provide a quantity of internal memory of 64 or 256 GB, with no intermediate options, except for the Pro models which start at 128 GB and arrive at 1 or 2 TB.

The 64 GB memory cut is not particularly generous, but it can be a valid option for all those who use the tablet occasionally, or frequently use certain types of apps without exploring the App Store too much . For online browsing, visiting social networks, checking emails, streaming series, managing small amounts of work in smart working and some video games to be uninstalled from time to time, this is a more than viable option. Things change for anyone who wants to rely on the tablet for more complex or critical operations. Editing photos and videos, or simply groped to use the tablet as a laptop quickly leads to gigabytes of material to accumulate in memory, quickly running out of well over 64 GB. The same goes for those who install several apps and games at the same time: for these categories of users, the right choice is 256 GB. The cuts reserved for iPad Pro users work in a similar way, with particular regard to the 2 TB version, dedicated to those who frequently work with video editing in 4K resolution and perhaps do not have a reliable and fast Internet connection available from which to find the material when needed.

Wi-fi or cellular

The other choice to make during the purchase phase concerns the presence of an autonomous modem for fifth generation cellular connections, or 5G. To connect to the Internet, the so-called wi-fi versions require a router nearby or a telephone to replace them. The cellular variants break down this obstacle at a cost that is not negligible: in addition to the increase on the list price, the cost of a secondary subscription must also be considered to keep the independent connectivity active.

For these reasons, the variants cellular iPads are generally suitable for those who work assiduously and in extreme mobility with the tablet. Photographers on the move, but in general students and professionals commuters or digital nomads, who do not know if they will find wi-fi coverage where they are going, and may not have a phone available to act as a hot spot.

Which iPad to choose

Once you understand the needs in terms of connectivity and memory available, the most important choice remains, that is which one to choose among the numerous iPads on the market. From the powerful iPad Pro to the elegant iPad Air, passing through the affordable iPad and the compact iPad Mini, each device has its own peculiarities and is aimed at different types of users. Below we try to clarify, explaining who each model is suitable for.

iPad 2021 (9th gen) (Photo: Apple)

The iPad 2021 is identical at a glance to the iPad 2020 and size and weight are also aligned. Compared to the Air and Pro lines, you can see the old slightly rounded design and the fingerprint sensor integrated into the home button instead of the Touch Id on the power button. The 10.2-inch ips lcd screen with a resolution of 2160 × 1620 pixels (264 ppi) and brightness at 500 nit is honest: balanced in rendering but less flashy and bright than that of the older brothers.

It mounts the A13 Bionic SoC, the same one that was present in the iPhone 11 line in 2019, and is more than adequate for any normal daily activity such as online browsing, mail editing, light photo editing, streaming, gaming, etc. . Too bad only for the Lightning connector instead of usb-c. However, it is an excellent entry-level that compared to the previous version has the advantage of a front camera with 12 Megapixel sensor capable of reaching an HD resolution from 1080p to 60 fps; much better than the old 1.2 Megapixel (720p) FaceTime HD unit. Also useful is the automatic framing system and support for the first generation Apple Pencil.

Who is it for? This is the model for those who have no special needs but simply want an iPad for everyday life. And if you really want to save money, the 2020 iPad is also fine, but taking into account video conferences or video calls more poor as yield. Here is our test.

iPad, 64 GB, wi-fi 339 € - buy on amazon 389 € - buy on mediaworld iPad, 64 GB, wi-fi + cellular 4G 494 € - buy on amazon iPad, 256 GB, wi-fi 522 € - buy on amazon 559 € - buy on apple iPad, 256 GB wi-fi + cellular 4G 643 € - buy on amazon iPad Air 2022 (5th gen) (Photo: Apple)

In 2020 the iPad Air partially married the new squared lines of the iPad Pro inheriting a very valid 10.9-inch Liquid Retina LCD display (2360 x 1640 pixels) with reduced bezels, but with the version presented this year it is even closer to the professional extreme of the Apple tablet range. The leap in quality is thanks to the Apple M1 processor on board, the same concentrate of power on board the iPad Pro but also Mac computers. Double the ram, performance increases by 60 percent and the tablet is no longer the same product two years ago.

Students and professionals who have the appropriate apps at their disposal, by adding the Smart Keyboard or the Apple Pencil stylus, can use it to adequately replace the computer not only in the most trivial operations, but also for graphic editing and all that needs an additional boost in computing power. The camera sector devoted to videoconferencing pushes in the same direction, while the connectivity of the cellular model passes to support 4G and 5G networks. The only problem is the basic memory cut: for the type of users to whom it is recommended, the 64 GB model may not be sufficient.

Who it is for. This model is for more demanding users than the iPad, and for those who want to start using the tablet instead of the computer in the workplace. Excellent then for those who love video and music streaming. In principle it is the choice of balance and not just of price. Here is our proof, while the 2020 model should now be avoided, which in the face of negligible savings remains anchored to the "old" Apple A14 processor.

iPad Mini 2021 (6th gen) (Photo: Apple)

Apple has revolutionized the concept of Mini with this latest version of 2021. At one time it was a small entry-level with modest performance; now we have to admit that it caters to two categories of customers: the gamer and the super demanding. In the first case it is difficult to find a "toy" with an 8.3 inch Liquid Retina 60 Hz ips lcd screen with a resolution of 2266 × 1488 pixels (326 PPI) and a Soc like the A15 Bionic of the iPhone 13. In short, power to sell that beats the competition of models like the Lenovo Tab M8 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Obviously, the screen and processor are best expressed even with the most professional apps; on the other hand, it supports the second generation Apple Pencil.

Those who are always on the move can only rejoice in the dimensions of 195.4 x 134.8 x 6.3 mm and the weight of 293 grams; practically like having a medium size Moleskine in a large pocket. The equipment is reminiscent of the Air and the Pro, given the presence of fingerprint recognition, the usb-c port, wifi 6, the main and secondary camera both from 12 megapixels. And then if you choose the mobile version there is 5G support.

Who is it for. This model is for very demanding users and professionals. The iPad Mini allows you to continue many activities you may have started on your iMac or laptop. It works well in videoconferencing and has a great screen. Then in mobile gaming it has few rivals. Here is our test.

iPad Mini, 64 GB, wi-fi 502 € - buy on amazon iPad Mini, 256 GB, wi-fi + cellular 5G 654 € - buy on amazon iPad Mini, 256 GB, wi-fi 669 € - buy on amazon iPad Mini, 256 GB, wi-fi + cellular 5G 798 € - buy on amazon iPad Pro 2021 (5th gen) (Photo: Apple)

The iPad Pro it is simply the most powerful and performing tablet on the market. The 11-inch version with Liquid Retina (2388 × 1668 pixels at 264 ppi) still belongs to a size attributable to the wishes of the average user, while the 12.9-inch version with Liquid Retina Xdr (2732 × 2048 pixels at 264 ppi) plays in another league where even the screen relies on pure avant-garde technology - which is the mini-led. Color, brightness (600 nits) and visual impact have nothing to do with other iPads.

Then there is this M1 processor which is already impressive on the latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lines, so you can feel the impact in the tablet arena. Apple claims that even compared to the iPad Pro 2020, the increase in graphics performance has increased by 40%. At the launch, iOS 15 was missing, now all the rosiest expectations have been confirmed and with the second generation Apple Pencil you can do everything. From editing 4K video to rendering CAD models. Then obviously there is no lack of 5G support, ideal cameras for videocall and shots, usb-c port (Thunderbolt) and then obviously the support for Magic Keyboard.

Who is it for? The iPad Pro is the first true model that could be a candidate to replace a laptop in some contexts. It is a non-trivial evaluation especially if you are a professional. It probably allows you to do a lot more than in the past when on the go. But it represents excellence. Here is our test.

iPad Pro 11, 128 GB, wi-fi € 790 - buy on amazon iPad Pro 11, 1 TB, wi-fi € 1515 - buy on amazon iPad Pro 11, 1 TB, wi-fi + cellular 1669 € - buy on amazon iPad Pro 11, 2 TB, wi-fi 2109 € - buy on amazon iPad Pro 12.9, 256 GB, wi-fi 1199 € - buy on amazon iPad Pro 12.9, 1 TB, wi-fi 1989 € - buy on amazon iPad Pro 12.9, 1 TB, wi-fi + cellular 5G 2159 € - buy on amazon iPad Pro 12.9, 2 TB, wi-fi 2171 € - buy on amazon

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