iPad Mini 2021: dream tablet, at the lowest price ever on Amazon!

iPad Mini 2021: dream tablet, at the lowest price ever on Amazon!

iPad Mini 2021

While the network goes crazy looking for the perfect gift to buy for Valentine's Day, we return to talk about Amazon to point out what is the new offer that the portal is dedicating to the splendid Apple iPad Mini, a brand new tablet from Cupertino, already considered among the most sensible purchases in its specific market slice.

An excellent product that, of course, could also delight anyone looking for a perfect gift to pack for the upcoming Lovers' Day, especially considering that we are talking about an article that, despite its recent arrival on the market, is already available today at the discounted price of € 650.39, against € 729.00 of the original price.

Specifically, the version proposed today from the portal is the Wi-fi + Cellular one, with a storage memory of 64 GB, more than enough to download apps, store photos, and enjoy every aspect of this splendid Apple device.

Son of u n redesign long awaited by apple fans, iPad Mini stands out from previous models for its rounded corners, a metal body and a generally more modern design, which recalls the aesthetics of the new latest generation iPad Pro and Air. From the point of view of mere technical characteristics, first and foremost to amaze is the display, which is now 8.3 ”, with a resolution of 1488 x 2266 pixels, making it a feast for the eyes, in any lighting situation.

A new heart also beats under the body, that of the excellent Apple A15 chip, which makes iPad Mini more than capable of competing even with larger Apple tablets, at least as far as concerns are concerned. the performance as well. Produced in 64 GB and 256 GB models, iPad Mini can run any application, proving to be an excellent choice even for those who, for example, love to use their mobile device to play, even when put to the test with titles that are greedy from a performance point of view. .

Last but not least iPad Mini also said goodbye to Apple's controversial Lightning port, finally replaced by a USB Type-C 3.1 port, which can also function as a video output, as well as allow the connection of external memories, cameras and accessories.

In short, iPad Mini is not just any tablet, but a device with all the trappings, and the fact that it is now available at a discounted price, moreover in its most complete version from the point of view of connections, it makes the offer truly unmissable!

For this reason, we suggest you to launch yourself on the product purchase page, without forgetting to also visit the dedicated Amzon page ta entirely to the offers of the day, so that you can take a look at the entire selection of discounts offered by the portal.

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»Buy iPad Mini 3 now at € 650.39 instead of € 729.00, 11% discount«

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