Garden swings | The best of 2022

Garden swings | The best of 2022

Among the many items that are particularly useful and comfortable for those who own a balcony, a terrace or a garden, we must absolutely mention the garden swing, able to lull us into the full relaxation of a hot summer afternoon or in the middle of spring. Since we are now largely entering the hottest and sultry period of the year, drawing up a list of the best products for your outdoor space is a must. The pleasure one feels spending time outdoors is always greater, and to try to meet this growing need we have decided to create a new guide dedicated to outdoor furniture, and which this time examines garden swings. .

In recent days we have already talked to you about covers with umbrellas and gazebos, but this time we want to dedicate ourselves to a tool that will allow you to relax while you are sheltered, to swing and even, in some cases, even to transform the swing into a comfortable outdoor bed. In fact, the swings are a very versatile piece of furniture, which manages, in its simplicity, to perform numerous functions and make your garden even more livable and appreciated.

And to try to respect this versatility that we in this selection we have chosen the most sought after models on the market, with solutions starting from just over € 100 up to the more elaborate ones, with tables, mosquito nets and many other comforts. In short, we do not want to waste any more time, so we leave you to read our guide on the best garden swings in the hope that you can find the perfect one according to your needs.

The best garden swings

Rocking with metal seat Rocking with mosquito net Rocking with separate seats Rocking with small table Rocking with gazebo

Rocking with metal seat

If you are looking for a small and compact rocking chair, capable of withstanding a greater amount of weight, this particular model with metal seat is the one for you. It is in fact made with a rust-resistant metal, easy to clean but capable of supporting up to 200 kg of maximum load, but its other peculiarity lies in the fact that, instead of the typical padded cushion, this rocking chair is composed of a seat in metal, so as to speed up the cleaning phases. Despite this choice that may seem spartan, this model remains extremely comfortable, perfect for spending moments outdoors in full comfort.

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Rocking chair with mosquito net

Tired of being outdoors and being bothered by mosquitoes or other insects? Then this rocking chair is the product you are looking for, perfect for 3 people, with a comfortable padded cushion but above all with a mosquito net that allows you to wrap the whole structure. The mosquito net, which has a practical front opening with two hinges, can be conveniently collected at the 4 corners using the practical closures, while the polyester roof is water resistant and allows excellent air circulation. Also in terms of stability, this rocking chair is very solid thanks to its particular pyramidal shape, while the seat has a sturdy spring that guarantees a pleasant feedback of perennial movement.

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Rocking chair with separate seats

With its separate double seat mode, this rocking chair is certainly the most particular choice of our selection. The two separate seats, each equipped with its own parasol and padded cushion, can support up to 110kg of weight, but above all, for greater comfort, there are two practical trays on the sides. The entire structure is stable and ergonomic, and in fact manages to adapt perfectly to the curvature of the human body at rest, and to avoid slipping even on the smoothest surfaces, at the base of each leg there are non-slip plastic feet, resistant to water and rust.

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Rocking chair with table

Practical and capacious, this 3-seater garden swing is the perfect solution for relaxing comfortable, in fact, in addition to the roof that can be easily adjusted according to your needs, in the center there is a top that acts as a table, ideal for placing everything you need. The various attachments of this rocking chair are reinforced, for a greater compactness of the structure, which in fact can support up to 180 kg of weight on the seat.

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Rocking chair with gazebo

The last element of this selection could only be the incredible rocking gazebo. This 3-in-1 design will allow you to have a swing seat, a sunbed and a gazebo with the same purchase. In addition to the roof built on 2 levels to facilitate air circulation, this gazebo has a stable structure, with 4 solid metal legs, and even a locking system to fix the swing. The seat, on the other hand, enriched with a cushion and backrest, also includes a system of cushions, is comfortable and can accommodate 3 people, up to a maximum of 320 kg. Finally, we would like to point out that this swing is equipped with awnings with mosquito net, which will allow you to better enjoy your moments of relaxation outdoors without thinking about any insects.

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How to choose the best garden swing

After proposing the best garden swing chairs, the time has come to list the essential characteristics that will determine the actual choice of your product for you. The models of garden swings are really many and each one has well differentiated characteristics including the design that has a particular impact on the purchase, since it is a piece of furniture that stands out mainly for this.

But, unlike than you might think, the aspects to take into consideration when buying a garden swing are different and do not concern only the style and its structure, but also the materials from which it is made, which will allow you to understand also what long they could last or with some success. In this part of our guide we will discover in detail what are the main factors that will help you make a perfect choice, to satisfy your preferences and thus buy the garden product that best reflects your needs.

Dimensions Structure and materials Canopy Maximum load Seat Non-slip feet Accessories Design


Also in this case it is good to keep in mind the size of your garden when buying a swing. Only afterwards we advise you to think about the maximum number of people that can accommodate, even if on average the swings are almost always for 2 or 3 people. In any case, do not rely only on the "two-seater seat", it is in fact good to study the dimensions per cm, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Structure and materials

When choosing a swing, also and above all on the basis of where it is to be positioned, the choice of materials used in the realization is absolutely fundamental. Being a part of the furniture placed outside your home, it is important that it is manufactured with sturdy and resistant materials, which also means spending some extra money so that the product lasts longer over time and does not end up breaking after a few uses. or some bad weather. Continuous exposure to the sun and other atmospheric agents, including rain and snow, should also be considered. For this reason, the choice of a product made with solid and high quality materials can make the difference.

The structure is an element to be placed side by side with the material, being of the same importance and, in part, influenced precisely by what composes the swing. This is one of the main aspects to observe before arriving at a definitive choice, since the correct functioning of the product depends on it. It is usually characterized by a wide and stable support base that allows it to be stable during the swing of the seat, both forwards and backwards. It should also be considered that the structure must also be capable of absorbing all the weight, therefore extremely resistant.


An essential element for enjoying relaxation in the shade, the sun roof can be made in fabric or in any material that can protect the user from sun, rain or other bad weather. An additional feature of medium / high-end products is the possibility of orienting the sunshade, so as to have total coverage, even when the sun is particularly inclined. The canopy is usually made of fabric, particularly in textilene, that is a particularly suitable interweaving of polyester fibers as it does not let light and UV rays through. To determine the quality, it is necessary to check the actual grammage, that is the number of grams per square meter: the greater the grammage, the greater the coverage and consequently also the quality.

Maximum capacity

With this value generally refers to the maximum weight that the seat of the structure can support before being damaged or causing unpleasant accidents. The factors that influence the variation of this element are the number of seats but above all the composition of a swing, in fact a plastic swing will have a much lower capacity than a product made of steel will ever have.


As you may have noticed, also in our selection we have submitted some elements without the padded seat, you must real iron swings perfect to clean but which keep the level of comfort high. In fact, the padded cushions, in addition to getting dirty, need maintenance in order not to stay too much in the sun during the day and above all they get dirty much more easily, so consider carefully which option you need. The seat of a garden swing is therefore the part that has the main function of making us feel comfort and relaxation. The materials used are metal, aluminum or iron, wood, resin or even PVC.

Non-slip feet

We could have expressed this point with Stability, but we preferred to emphasize the real creators who maintain a rocking chair is stable, despite the motion of the occupants and its weight. In fact, the non-slip feet, ie rubber covers applied to the ends of the swings, allow the structure not to slide or move, and therefore remains anchored to the surface on which the structure is placed.


Last, but essential determining factor for the choice of a garden swing is the presence of accessories, and in this large group we want to refer to tools such as an integrated mosquito net, the presence of tables on the armrests or even pockets for objects positioned near the padding. In short, all those things that make a specific type of swing seat unique, and that prove to be perfect for your needs.


Last but equally influential in the choice of your garden swing , is the design. An object of your furniture is however an expression of our personal taste, so the style with which the product is presented should not be underestimated. The types of garden swing chairs are many, varied and able to satisfy every taste:

Bed: a particular possibility for garden swing lovers is the sofa that also turns into a comfortable double bed , for maximum relaxation. This category is more common among 3 or 4 seater models, among which you will also find suspended variants. With base: the classic model, consisting of a frame with a double triangle foot, one of the most popular being an extremely comfortable and also particularly stable type, since it is made up of a very solid structure; Suspended: suspended versions are also available, both in the armchair version and in real rocking chairs held off the ground thanks to chains connected to a ceiling. It is a very attractive design, among the most elegant and modern on the market, but the oscillation function in these cases is much more limited;

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