Teen Titans: missbrisolo's Raven cosplay brings out your dark side

Teen Titans: missbrisolo's Raven cosplay brings out your dark side

Teen Titans

Teen Titans is one of the many DC series that have been proposed in various versions, including animations and live action, with different styles and target audiences. In any case, fans have always appreciated the character of the Titans, starting with the dark Raven. Now, missbrisolo - also known as missbricosplay - offers us its own cosplay of Raven, in an adult version.

Although, obviously, the character recreated by missbrisolo is in an adult version, Raven's cosplay respects the costume classic, black, with a belt of red gems. Do not miss her cloak and long gloves. The environment is also illuminated with a purple light, which recalls the powers of the dark Raven.

If you are a fan of missbrisolo, then we also recommend the missbricosplay Black Widow cosplay which is satisfied with a nice selfie . Then here's the Lola Bunny cosplay inspired by the first Space Jam. Finally, how not to mention the cosplay of Camie from missbricosplay: she is light-headed but ready for action.

Tell us, what do you think of the Raven cosplay made by missbrisolo? Has the Teen Titans character been recreated in the best way, or do you think you've seen higher quality versions?

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