Hype, how the payment app works for the very young

Hype, how the payment app works for the very young


If the world of prepaid cards seems complex and unsafe to you, know that Hype has studied a simple, versatile and low-cost solution. Hype is an innovative app that integrates payment tools, an account and an IBAN-equipped debit card all in one solution, offering the user complete money management with which to design, save, invest and link their accounts.

As with the most modern solutions in this field, Carta Hype marries the smart approach by accompanying an indispensable app for Android and iOS, promising intuitive money management and reducing the costs of a common current account or other prepaid cards. Hype, part of a joint venture between Fabrick (Sella Group) and illimity, was launched in 2015 and today has 1.5 million customers, recording an annual growth of 300%. Hype's quality and reliability have also found further recognition thanks to the award for best account / card received in 2018.

What is Hype?

Hype is an app, an account and a payment tool that offers, in addition to traditional banking services, other innovative ones such as investments, loans, savings plans and exclusive commercial offers. The app is connected to a debit card linked to the MasterCard circuit and can be used for:

Online shopping Purchases in physical stores thanks to the physical card and its dedicated app Send and receive smart payments via app with other registered users Payment of bulletins Telephone recharges Bank transfers thanks to the presence of an IBAN unattached to a current account. Buy, sell and exchange Bitcoins The official app allows easy and intuitive money management, with solutions that introduce a savings system, cashback on hundreds of businesses participating in the project, dedicated insurance and exclusive offers. Furthermore, through the official app it is possible to suspend the card at any time thanks to simple selectors: one dedicated to the total blocking of the card and another three dedicated to online purchases, physical purchases in the store and withdrawals at ATMs.
One of the peculiarities of Hype is the possibility of subscribing from the age of 12, which makes it a perfect tool even for minors.

How Hype works

How open an account

You can register for Hype from the official website or through the dedicated apps available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The form is filled in quickly and through a simple user identification procedure with a regular identity document your Hype account will already be operational.

At the end of the procedure the card number is provided and the possibility is given to also request the physical card in addition to the virtual one managed via smartphone. The issuance of the physical card and the virtual card is in both cases free of charge.

How to top up

Like all cards and payment apps, Hype offers various possibilities to fund your "account", all free of charge except for top-up in shops.

Let's see them in detail.

Through your friends: by leveraging the social sharing of financial resources, Hype allows you to send and receive money thanks to your friends. In fact, you just need to click on the address book or send a dedicated link With another credit or prepaid card: Hype offers the possibility of memorizing up to five credit or prepaid cards in order to recharge your Hype at any time, all manageable through the official app Bank transfer: it is also possible to top up by means of a traditional bank transfer using the IBAN of the card (the issuing bank may require commission costs) Commercial businesses: currently available through supermarkets of the Pam commercial chain with a commission of € 2.50, while the other top-up options are completely free Deposit at the banks of the Banca Sella Group: scattered throughout the country, the banks of the Banca Sella Group make their branches available to top up completely free of charge and instant your Hype card.

Hype features

Hype is not just a prepaid card, but it acts as a control booth for your money.

In fact, in addition to the canonical payment functions, Hype offers the possibility of having total control over all your expenses with constant monitoring of your account. With the official app it is possible to use hashtags to categorize expenses, insert notes or even photos to make our purchases more detailed. Furthermore, with the extension of a second app called Hype Wallet it is possible to pay public transport, bills, make donations, domicile utilities and have their salaries credited.

With the new Radar Section, customers will be able to connect the current accounts of more than 50 banking institutions, and automatically synchronize balances and movements within the HYPE app, having the ability to control everything related to their financial life in peace. Thanks to the advanced analysis of expenses and the categorization of each item, the customer will always know where he spends, how he spends and how much he can save.

The section dedicated to savings allows you to set a goal, while those relating to cashback offer promotions that allow a return of money up to 7% (eg Expedia) or important discounts such as 45 euros on products Fastweb. The commercial partners are many and are divided into 26 product categories.

The section is divided as follows:

With the Piggy Bank Box of the Savings section you will be able to face any expense, whether it is an unexpected event or a super adventure. Choose the amount and frequency of savings and activate the rounding function to also save from your card purchases; With the Objective Box, you can plan any expense without the help of calculators or calendars. Choose an amount and by which date to reach it, we will help you cross the finish line effortlessly. The insurance mentioned above is part of the functions of Carta Hype. You can insure your smartphone within three months of its purchase and protect it from accidental damage to the screen, liquids and much more, with a policy managed by Simplesurance GmbH.

The Investments section gives Customers the possibility to invest in investment funds in a simple and automatic way, with special attention to the world of cryptocurrencies. In fact, to introduce its customers to the cryptocurrency market, Hype allows them to buy Bitcoin instantly, directly from the app, without reloading another wallet or other accounts. The HYPE euro account will be separated from your Bitcoin wallet, protected in turn by an innovative three-key security system that guarantees the safekeeping of your Bitcoins at any time. This was possible thanks to the partnership between Hype and Conio, an Italian company that stands out on the international scene for simplicity, speed and safety.

Some Hype functions are available only for the Next version, which offers further benefits with ancillary costs.

Types of cards

Hype has a free basic offer with the Hype profile, with Hype Next it is possible to enjoy an improved offer that eliminates some constraints, taking on some costs, while with the Hype Premium plan it is enriched with some attention to the customer. Let's see the differences in detail.

HYPE (0 € / month)

It is the free profile that can be subscribed for ages 12 and up, with free issue of a prepaid card (even home delivery of the physical card is free). It allows free withdrawals at ATMs up to a maximum of € 250 per month and for a total of € 3,000 per year (a fee of € 2 will be applied to each subsequent withdrawal), and it is possible to deposit up to a maximum of € 15,000 .

Annual top-up € 15,000 Pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay Type of card associated with the account Prepaid Card Cost of transfers Free Top up the account with another card € 0.90 Top up the account in cash € 2.50 Withdrawals and payments in Euro Free Withdrawals and payments in other currencies 3% Buy, sell and exchange Bitcoin Bulletin payment commission from € 1 to € 2.15 FREE activation fee (more information)

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HYPE Next (€ 2.90 / month)

If the preset limits in the initial Hype profile should be a problem, the subscription of Hype Next could be for you . Any upgrade from the Hype profile to the Hype Next one is free and you will only pay a monthly fee of only 2.90 euros. The advantages? First of all it will be possible to have a debit card (unlike the prepaid card of the Smart profile), to eliminate the maximum deposit limit of 2,500 euros provided by the Start plan, to therefore have an unlimited ceiling and without payment limits. ATM withdrawals are free, a withdrawal and purchase policy is included and your salary can be credited.

Unlimited annual top-up Pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay Type of card associated with your account Debit Card Cost of transfers Free Top up your account with another card Free Top up your account in cash 2.00 € Withdrawals and payments in Euro Free Withdrawals and payments in other currencies 3% Credit the HYPE salary on PC ATM theft policy Purchase protection policy Buy, sell and exchange Bitcoin Bills payment commission from € 1 to € 1.99 FREE activation fee (more information)

HYPE Premium (€ 9.90 / month)

Hype Premium is the solution designed for those who want to use the Hype account as the main account of all economic operations, without any limit, with a debit card and a series of policies included to protect any operation.

Annual top-up Without Limits Pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay Type of card associated with the account Debit Card Cost of transfers Free Top up the account with another card Free Rica cash account € 1.60 Withdrawals and payments in Euro Free Withdrawals and payments in other currencies Free Credit your HYPE salary on PC Buy, sell and exchange Bitcoin Bill payment commission Free ATM theft policy Travel policy (medical, baggage, delay or flight cancellation ) Purchase protection policy Priority assistance FREE activation fee until 31/03/2022 (more information)

HYPE Business (€ 2.90 / month)

Hype Business is the new account for sole proprietorships and freelancers with a VAT number, which offers all the smart services of the Hype brand. The new account designed for professionals includes a whole series of useful services for organizing every financial aspect of professional activities.

Annual top-up Without limits Pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay Type of card associated with the account Debit Card Cost wire transfers Free, including 10 instant transfers per month Top up your account with another card Free Top up your account in cash 2 € Withdrawals and payments in Euro Free Withdrawals and payments in other currencies Free Payment of bills: € 1.99 Credit your HYPE salary on PC Buy , sell and exchange Bitcoin ATM theft policy Travel policy (medical, baggage, flight delay or cancellation) Purchase protection policy Assistance 7 days a week, via chat, email and WhatsApp FREE activation fee (more information)

How much does it cost?

Hype is an advanced payment solution that enjoys the privileges of a prepaid card (or debit card in the Next and Premium profiles) and a current account, cutting the costs of the latter.

In its costs we must consider that:

Activation is always free The issuance of the virtual and physical card is always free The ATM withdrawal commissions are always free The top-ups are always free (the transfer could have additional costs of the issuing bank, while top-ups at PAM supermarkets have a commission of 2.5 euros) The annual fee of the Start version is free There are very few money management services that can boast prices and commissions as low as those of HYPE. Furthermore, in the face of some limitations, it is possible to upgrade with the Plus and Premium accounts by supporting the respective monthly fees of 2.90 euros per month for the Next version, and 9.90 euros for the Premium version. Less than other competitors in the traditional banking market.

(more information)

Who should use it

Hype is perfect for anyone looking for a safe, flexible and economical use of a payment card with current account functions. Its costs close to zero make it perfect for daily expenses, travel, online purchases and, above all, suitable for the very young (it is available from 12 years upwards). In addition, some promotions are currently in effect:

By registering for free in Hype, you can get an entrance bonus of up to € 25 with the SUPER promo code, continuing from this link. Hype offers a € 20 bonus for each customer who opens a Business account. To join the promotion, simply access this link and enter the HYPEBIZ code during the activation phase. Will you give her a chance?

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