How Much RAM Do You Need Today?

How Much RAM Do You Need Today?

Applications evolve, video games become more and more complex and now we use computers to carry out various activities at the same time. All this leads, in addition to the need, or the desire, for more powerful processors and graphics cards, also for a greater amount of system memory, or more RAM. So let's take stock of the situation and ask ourselves today, in 2022, how much RAM we really need on our notebooks and PCs.

What is RAM?

RAM is the system memory that applications or games use to function. When you start a game, a certain amount of data is copied from the hard disk or SSD to RAM, which is then used by the CPU and other components to run that software. Obviously this applies to all programs, even the browser you have opened at this moment to read the article.

If the amount of RAM memory is not sufficient to host all the data necessary for that application or game, or even for multiple applications together, the computer will become slower, because procedures will be triggered that involve a continuous movement of data from the RAM memory to the hard disk (or SSD) and vice versa; since mass storage devices are slower than RAM, you will inevitably have lower system responsiveness. There are also extreme cases where the lack of memory space does not even allow you to start that application or game. It is therefore important to understand, if you are buying a new notebook or PC, or you already have one that you want to upgrade, today how much minimum RAM is needed to avoid problems.| ); }

How much RAM memory do you need to work?

Let's start with a scenario that we can define as "home and office", that is, it concerns all those who use a PC or notebook for activities such as: e-mail, online browsing on various websites, use of multimedia content from streaming services such as Spotify, YouTube or Twitch, but also Netflix or Prime Video, video writing or presentation programs (such as the Microsoft Office package) and other rather light activities . Today this type of use scenario, from streaming to office applications, is easily managed by modern computers and does not require a lot of RAM to make everything work at its best.

If you use the computer for this purpose, for example today 4GB of RAM is still sufficient, but not recommended. In fact, we recommend that you have at least 8GB of RAM, mainly because more applications are often used at the same time and consequently it is better to have a larger quantity than what the applications need individually. Four GB of RAM is acceptable when you are on a very tight budget; Computers are certainly usable, but you will be in a bit of an edge situation and potentially the PC could go into trouble rather quickly. So, if you can, always aim for at least 8GB.

If to these applications just mentioned you add others a little more complex, such as a photo editing program, 2D-3D design, or video editing, then you must absolutely aim for at least 8GB of RAM memory . But be careful: 8GB are suitable for amateur use of these software and moreover, in this case, it is not possible to provide a precise rule, since professional software, even those similar in terms of utility, may have different requirements. Therefore, we advise you to carry out a very specific search on the net to verify how much memory the programs you use most frequently need.

How much RAM memory do you need to play?

Let's move on to gamers. . If you primarily want to play games, you should aim for a minimum of 8GB of RAM today. Some might say that there are few and more are needed, but in reality updated tests on many triple AAA titles show that 8GB is still sufficient to use 99% of video games on the market without sacrificing graphics quality. However, as in the previous case, this quantity must be considered as the minimum to have, while it is advisable to have at least 16GB of RAM.

Up to 32GB, or even more, only in special cases involving the use of professional applications. For example, if you install 32GB on a PC primarily used for gaming, you will not have tangible benefits or increased performance with normal use. However, there are no contraindications and if you can, or want, buy a larger quantity to be sure you will not have problems in the future, you are free to do so.

In terms of speed, having faster RAM leads to benefits in many cases only marginal and in any case they have nothing to do with their quantity.

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