First look at the characters from the Dungeons and Dragons movie

First look at the characters from the Dungeons and Dragons movie

News regarding the Dungeons and Dragons film, a few hours after the official start of the San Diego ComiCon, in fact, the first poster and official images of the characters have leaked. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves), a crackling start to the SDCC, the highly anticipated new film based on the world's most famous RPG.

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First look at the characters from the Dungeons and Dragons film

The San Diego ComiCon has not officially started yet, however, a few hours before the online event began, the first promotional materials of the film appeared: the teaser poster of the film and the official images of the protagonists.

By carefully observing the poster we have identified the 'owl bear, the devourer of intellect, the mimic, the mind flayer, the gelatinous cube and the distorting panther. In addition to the monsters inside the & the "tail" of the letter has been manipulated to accommodate the silhouettes of the film's protagonists.

The first poster for Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. #DnDMovie # SDCC2022

- Rotten Tomatoes (@RottenTomatoes) July 21, 2022

The poster, however, was not the only news (for now) to circulate, in fact, a short distance away on Twitter, the Screen Rant account posted videos showing the first official images of the cast. After months of silence and speculation about "who will play what" these videos thus offer a taste of the characters and roles they will play in Dungeons & Dragons: The Honor of the Thieves.

Obsessed with our first real look at the characters of #DungeonsAndDragons thanks to the tavern experience at # SDCC2022! First up: Chris Pine

- Screen Rant (@screenrant) July 21, 2022

Michelle Rodriguez is the barbarian of the group, her costume is composed of a riveted and bordered black armor with fur inserts and armed with a large battle ax. To emphasize the tribal nature of this character, there are also visible tattoos on the actress's muscular arms.

Regé-Jean Page trades dukedom for dragons, and we can't say we're mad at the result! #DungeonsAndDragons # SDCC2022

- Screen Rant (@screenrant) July 21, 2022

The character played by Regé-Jean Page is a another fighter, but completely different from that of Rodriguez. Page is dressed in heavy armor of fine workmanship and this narrows the field to a paladin, or an elite fighter. Another clue about this character could be hidden on the tattoo on his forehead that seems to portray the Neverwinter eye, however the not too defined image does not allow to identify with certainty this symbol.

Sophia Lillis looks ethereal as her #DungeonsAndDragons character in #SDCC 's preview:

- Screen Rant (@screenrant) July 21, 2022

Sophia Lillis' character is also not human, the images tell us that she is a tiefling, a humanoid race that is descended from infernal creatures. This trait is reflected in the prosthetic makeup of the character who shows off a pair of horns, although we have however noticed the absence of a tail, probably omitted because it is not very cinematic, another characteristic feature of this iconic breed. Lillis' appearance seems to indicate the thief of the group due to her black leather armor with dark green shades and the presence of the sling on her armor cuff.

Last but certainly not least, Hugh Grant's #DungeonsAndDragons keeps a torch lit for the team of weary travelers at # SDCC2022

- Screen Rant (@screenrant) July 21, 2022

By conclude Hugh Grant. The actor who videos it fiddles with a torch and a gold coin is dressed in a rich and opulent way in a long robe of black and gold brocade and a blue silk tunic. Just looking at his video does not reveal any particular details about the character, as the large green ring with signet is illegible.

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