Here are all the discounts on Amazon services for Prime Day

Here are all the discounts on Amazon services for Prime Day

Prime Day 2022 is now around the corner, and it will not be long before the arrival of the most anticipated event of this first part of the year since, as you will remember, Amazon will open the doors of its days of offers for signed up for the next 12 and 13 July.

We are talking about two days of spectacular discounts, probably (indeed, certainly) the best we will come across at least until the next Black Friday which, as always, however, it will take place on the edge of the Holiday Season. Prime Day, on the other hand, is here and now, and will certainly represent a great opportunity to buy many products at a discounted price, provided, of course, that you are subscribed to the Amazon Prime subscription service, without which it will not be possible to join the discounts.

The news of the day, however, is another! Because net of the wait, Amazon has decided to make available some early access offers that do not concern products, but services made available by the company, and thanks to which you can save a lot on some subscriptions made available by the portal which, we are sure, will be very useful for your summer holidays.

Below, therefore, we offer you a quick overview of the offers available, reminding you that practically all of them have a deadline for subscription at a price discounted, which is why we suggest you immediately take advantage of the offers proposed here, before the prices of the various services return to their original values.

Discounted services

Amazon Music Unlimited: until 13 July 2022, Amazon Prime customers who have never tried the Amazon Music Unlimited service will be able to access 4 months of use of the service completely free! Very similar to Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited is a streaming music service that boasts 90 million songs, millions of podcasts (many of them exclusive!) All in high definition, and without advertising.

Kindle Unlimited offer: until July 13, 2022, Amazon Prime customers will be able to take advantage of three months of the Kindle Unlimited service completely free of charge! At the end of the extended trial period, the service can then be subscribed at its original price of € 9.99 per month. Kindle Unlimited is probably the largest and richest eBook service on the planet, relying on over 1 million eBooks, accessible from any device thanks to the free Kindle app.

Audible offer: until July 17, 2022, Amazon Prime customers will be able to take out a six-month subscription to the Audible service, at a cost of only € 2.95 per month! This is a very good price, given the price of 9.99 € per month required by Audible for its service. The offer is valid for Amazon Prime customers who have never tried Audible, but also for those who have canceled their subscription to the service for at least 6 months. With its catalog of thousands and thousands of titles, Audible is the best service around for listening to audio books, podcasts and audio series, many of which are produced exclusively, or in collaboration with big names in literature, such as Neil Gaiman (Sandman). At the end of the promotion, the service is automatically renewed for € 9.99 per month, subject to cancellation which can take place at any time.

Prime Video Channels : For a limited time only, Amazon Prime members will be able to take advantage of an excellent offer on a selection of Prime Video channels. The Prime Video Channels, are additional thematic channels that require an extra payment to be viewed through Amazon Prime Video, and which include a rich selection of films and TV series from the catalogs of Infinity, Diiscovery +, History Channel and more! With this offer you will therefore have the opportunity to subscribe for a month to one or more of these channels for only € 0.99 (99 cents are for each channel). At the end of the 1 month period, the current rates for each channel will automatically apply until the subscription is canceled.

Amazon Prime Gaming: up as of July 13, 2022, customers registered for Amazon Prime will be able to take advantage of the beauty of 30 video games as a gift thanks to the Amazon Prime Gaming service! Prime Gaming is the service that Amazon has dedicated to video games, and which every month gives users a large array of PC games, all downloadable for free and at no additional cost. For some time, moreover, the service has even allowed the download of various additional content for some of the most famous titles, such as Heartstone, League of Legends or Apex Legends, all for free and included in the classic Amazon Prime subscription.

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Discover more ways to save with Amazon

Amazon Outlet Coupons Subscribe and Save -50% on a selection of movies on Prime Video Save up to 15% with your birth list on Amazon Options free shipping Today's unmissable offers That said, we just have to remind you that, to take advantage of the Prime Day discounts, you must have an active subscription to the Amazon Prime service which, if you have never subscribed, can be activated for free for a month, thus enjoying all the benefits attached to it (including Prime offers!) completely free!

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