Eterya - The Amulets of the Goddess, Barbara Manca's debut fantasy

Eterya - The Amulets of the Goddess, Barbara Manca's debut fantasy

Eterya - The Amulets of the Goddess

La Corte Editore presents Eterya - The Amulets of the Goddess, the first chapter of a new fantasy saga signed by Barbara Manca on her literary debut. A fast-paced book in which light and darkness collide under the banner of adventure, great battles and the struggle for fundamental values. The author's style, in fact, while being evocative and recalling the typical atmospheres of the genre novel, does not skimp on dealing with very current issues such as that of personal identity, the freedom to act, to choose, to be.

Eterya - The Amulets of the Goddess The novel's protagonist is Ann, an orphan without a regular birth certificate, forced into hiding as she cannot boast the status of a human being. In a world caught in the grip of terror The Means, in turn, born from the union of dark creatures with the human species, embody the fear of the different, but at the same time they are the symbol of a possible coexistence. How much will Ann be willing to sacrifice in her in the name of personal freedom and self-affirmation? Will she be able to balance on that thin thread that divides what is right from what is wrong?

About Eterya - The Amulets of the Goddess

The kingdoms of Eterya have always been subject to the rule of the Council of Sages, whose sole intent is to make a peace that has lasted for more than a thousand years. For this purpose, the system of Regular Birth Certificates was established and those who do not have them are killed instantly. It is in this world, in the grip of control and fear, that Ann moves. Raised on the slopes of a remote and forgotten village, she would like to be an ordinary girl but she knows she is not. Ann is Uncertified, an orphan, and therefore condemned to a life on the run. The meeting of the young woman with Sion, however, distorts everything. Because Sion is a Half, born from the union between a Dark and a human, but above all he is the right hand of the Queen-Monster Edem and seems to know Ann better than she knows herself. When the girl's destiny is intertwined with that of her sovereign, her certainties gradually collapse. Who can say where evil lies? If the line between right and wrong seems to be so blurred, which side will Ann choose to be on?

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