7 exciting fan theories about the final season of Stranger Things

7 exciting fan theories about the final season of Stranger Things

Warning: spoiler on the fourth season of Stranger Things

The finale of the fourth season of Stranger Things - in addition to having been particularly successful and having led the series to become the most viewed English-language Netflix show in the history of the platform - left several points open.

In fact, there are several unresolved events concerning the fate of the individual characters created by the Duffer brothers. And there are not a few obscure points still to be clarified in the narrative scheme of the TV series.

In the chaos of general uncertainty, however, there is evidence: the last frames of the final episode have in fact left to understand that the clear division between the Universe we know and the Upside Down no longer exists. The town of Hawkins has in fact been officially "invaded" by the dust of the alternate dark world and on the horizon the sky has begun to turn red, the color that has characterized travel in the parallel universe.

The scenario apocalyptic of this open and forward-looking ending has meant that theories about what could happen in the final season - arriving in 2024 - multiplied. Here are some that circulate on the net and among the fanatics of the series: between plots, hopes and real possibilities.

The sacrifice of Eleven One of the theses we come across most frequently sees the disappearance of a main character, who has been indispensable to the series until now: Eleven. In fact, he is the only person who, thanks to his powers, has always been able to stand up to the monsters of the Upside Down and close the portals that have opened between the two worlds. Furthermore, discovering that demorgons, democans, demopat, and Mind Flyer are somehow managed by Henry / Uno makes it even more necessary. In fact, she knows the enemy and has lived - like him - the experiments, training and tests inside Hawkins' laboratory. She can understand it, anticipate her moves and, consequently, win it.

But, if over the course of four seasons, Eleven has been able to stand up to monsters without ever actually defeating them, what could change at the end? A sacrifice of her. Taking her powers to the maximum - as suggested by Papa during the Nina project - could in fact make her beat Uno / Vecna ​​for good, but maybe even kill her.

Will's three ways There are those who claim that the worse fate could fall to Will Byers. The young man, after spending some time in the Sottosopra in the first season, is in fact still linked to Uno / Vecna ​​and the Mind Flyer. As demonstrated in one of the last scenes of the final episode of the fourth season, the character who has the face of the very young Noah Schnapp continues to feel the presence of the monsters as soon as he sets foot in Hawkins. It was the Duffer brothers themselves who actually revealed that Will will play a decisive role in the last part of Stranger Things.

The predictions about his fate are three, different but also potentially linked.

Some argue that the young man may unwittingly become a traitor to his comrades. The bond with Uno / Vecna ​​could in fact make him, as has already happened in the past, a soldier of his army, ready to reveal the moves of the boys to the monstrous creature. Or even the villain - seriously injured by Nancy, Steve and Robin - could use the boy's weaknesses and sense of inadequacy to be "housed" in his body. This would create many problems for the other protagonists.

According to others, however, Will could show powers similar to those of Eleven in the course of the fifth season and thus become a key character in the battle. This thesis is supported by the circulation of some fan-art posters depicting him while he loses a nosebleed, just as happens to Eleven when he uses his paranormal abilities.

The third thesis is instead the most sad. To be able to definitively beat Uno / Vecna ​​it would be necessary to kill every part of him and, as already mentioned, there is a fragment of the monster still connected to Will. The boy would therefore be destined to lose his life to allow his friends to defeat the darkness of the Upside Down once and for all. A story that vaguely recalls that of Harry Potter, archenemy but also Voldemort's only real weakness. Only by killing a piece of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named who lived inside Harry did the "good guys" succeed in triumph.

Time travel A detail that has not escaped the audience is that revealed by Nancy while staying in the Upside Down in the company of Steve, Robin and Eddie. When the four boys reach the Wheelers' home in the alternate reality, they realize they are in the past, because time in that dimension stood still on the day of Will's kidnapping.

This detail served as a cue to one of the most imaginative - but absurdly plausible - theses concerning the last season of Stranger Things. According to some fans, in fact, the protagonists could use the Upside Down, the powers of Eleven - who traveled through time through the memories of other people - and above all the abilities of Vecna, to go back to the past.

The grandfather clock was a symbol of the fourth season and of the monstrous creature's possibility of creating alternate time. Going back to the past would allow the boys to remedy in advance all the mistakes made since the day of Will's kidnapping onwards. And it could allow Eleven to even avoid opening the portal to the Upside Down. This would lead to the demise of the monsters but would also erase events and bonds created over the years.

Eddie Munson as a vampire An interesting theory circulating among Stranger Things fans is that of Eddie Munson, the high school student at the head of the Helfire club played by Joseph Quinn. The long-haired nerd - starring with his guitar in one of the cult scenes of the final episode, while singing Metallica's "Master of puppets" - according to some, may not be dead.

In honor of Eddie Munson, God (of Metal) of Stranger Things We thought that no one could oust the long-haired Steve Harrington from the throne more mythical than Hawkins and instead it happened: the undisputed hero of the fourth season of the series of Netflix is ​​destined to become a television icon. That's why we madly love this emblematic outsider. This hypothesis is quite a hope. Munson is indeed a particularly beloved character, although he has only recently appeared in the TV series. The thesis that he wants him alive is also linked to the words with which the character played by Quinn opened the game of D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) in the first episodes of the fourth season. Eddie explains to his young friends that, in the role-playing game, Vecna ​​was killed by the bloodthirsty vampire Kas, his right hand man.

Fans imagine that he could be Hawkins' Kas. . In fact, his body remained in the Upside Down, the bites of the demopats may have left him alive but transformed into an evil undead creature (similar to a vampire) and Vecna ​​could use him as a soldier and armed arm. According to this theory, it should therefore be Eddie / Kas to replicate the betrayal towards his master and kill the villain in the fifth season, saving his friends. To make the thesis even more likely there is one element in particular: the shield. Vecna's right arm in D&D is in fact always depicted holding a shield, the same weapon that Eddie made in a rudimentary way using the lid of a dustbin and some nails.

Otto's return and the nut by D&D Always the D&D match of the first episodes of the fourth season is linked to the thesis that wants the return of Kalì / Otto for the final battle. Otto is one of the children raised in Hawkins' laboratory and Eleven found her in Season 3 thanks to the memories of her biological mother.

There are many who think that their reunion cannot have stopped at simple revenge against the soldiers, doctors and nurses of the laboratory that saw them as prisoners. Having brought them together without a real purpose would not, in fact, make full sense in the storyline of the series. The common destiny of the two "sisters" could, therefore, be to save the world. Even Kalì, after all, managed to leave the laboratory just like Eleven and this makes them the strongest among children who possess supernatural powers.

But what does Otto have to do with the Helfire club and the game by D&D? Simple. In the final round of the RPG, it is Dustin and Erica who attempt to beat Vecna. When the boy rolls the dice, his score stops at 11 and is not enough to defeat the monster. That particular figure could in fact be a prediction of the battle from the last episode of the fourth season in which Eleven, alone, fails to beat Vecna. When he touches Erica the die stops on number 20 and those points are enough to put the enemy Ko. A random number? According to a reconstruction, not really. 20 is in fact the sum of 11 (Eleven / Jane) + 8 (Otto / Kalì) + 1 (Uno / Henry) and could mean that only the union of the two sisters can lead to victory against One. A "sum" of powers that maybe we will see in the fifth season.

The three-headed monster For each season, Stranger Things has presented a villain that draws on the universe of Dungeons and Dragons and, it is assumed, will be so also for the concluding volume. The monster to be defeated could therefore not only be Vecna, or the creature to be fought could be one of the secret weapons of the already known villain.

The most accredited hypothesis however falls on the appearance of Thessalhydra in season number 5. Yes it is a three-headed dragon very similar to the one Will depicted in the drawing shown to Mike (could hers be a vision of the future?) and also quite similar to what Nancy saw during the trance provoked by Uno / Vecna.

The appearance of Thessalhydra would also represent the closing of a circle: this is precisely the monster against which the boys fight during the game of D&D visible in the last episode of the first season.

The unwitting clues in Max's letters In the world conceived by the Duffer brothers, nothing is left to chance. The fact that Max's letters - written to friends and family before being attacked by Vecna ​​- have not yet been opened is a detail that cannot be overlooked.

What song would save you from the diabolical Vecna? Spotify tells you The application analyzes the ratings of each user to find the perfect lifesaving song, able to save you from the evil influence of the villain Vecna, exactly as happens to Max in Stranger Things, saved by Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill. little girl has already managed, in part, to escape the monster that entered her mind trying to take refuge in the happiest memories: an intuition that she arrived at on her own.

There are, therefore, those who think that even in the farewell messages left on paper, Max may inadvertently and unintentionally have suggested a way to beat the enemy. By recounting her emotions, sensations or predictions - while she was hit by the "curse" - the character who has the face of Sadie Sink, and whose fate is still uncertain, may have left clues about the way of acting of the creature that tormented her and, therefore, on its weak points.

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