The 8 best moments of Stranger Things 4

The 8 best moments of Stranger Things 4

After a month of waiting, we're finally back to Hawkins for the Stranger Things 4 finale. The Netflix series created by the Duffer Bros has met with incredible success with its fourth season, where the traditional atmospheres of the series have opened up to a more marked horror component. The brighter narrative tone allowed for the introduction of more mature themes, accompanied by the presence of new characters, above all Eddie Munson. These components, entrusted to the writing of the Duffers, have allowed to create extremely exciting moments in Stranger Things 4.

Thanks to a plot strongly rooted in the sensitivity of the characters and in search of a synergy with the viewer, in Stranger Things 4 the nodal points of the plot were characterized by a construction of the scenes that generated a series of exciting moments , both for the visual spectacle and for the strong emotional connotation of these parentheses of the story. We have tried to identify the most exciting moments of Stranger Things 4, a selection that we invite you to read only after having seen the series, to avoid annoying spoilers.

ATTENTION: the following contains spoilers about Stranger Things 4

What are the best moments of Stranger Things 4?

Two games for two brothers The first victim The truth about the Creel family What music can do The face of evil The truth by Max Being a hero Hopper the Cimmerian

Two games for two brothers

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The first victim

Vecna's plan calls for the death of four people, and his first target is Crissy Cunningham ( Grace Van Dien). The most admired girl in high school, the cheerleader engaged to the captain of the basketball team, but also a soul tormented by nightmares and visions that terrify her. Which is why she turns to Eddie Munson, hoping that among the drugs the boy sells there is something that will help keep her psychosis at bay. During a sale in Eddie's caravan, Crissy meets her fate at the hands of Vecna, in a scene that expresses the horror approach of the series. The violence of Crissy's execution, combined with the change of perspective between the nightmare experienced by the girl and the ritual in the real world, witnessed by a terrified Eddie.

The truth about the Creel family

| "); } During their investigation, Robin (Maya Hwake) and Nancy (Natalia Dyer) meet the infamous Victor Creel (Robert Englud), who is being held in a psychiatric hospital following the murder of his family. In a scene that recalls the meeting between Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Sterling in The Silence of the Innocents, Creel appears to us with his eyes gouged out, as a reaction to the horror seen in his own home. A moment built on the interpretation of the veteran of horror cinema Englund, and in the definition of a haunted house horror story that becomes an integral part of the origin story of the villain of the season.

What music can do

For most of Maxime's (Sadie Sink) appearances we see her with headphones, from which she listens to Kate Bush's Running up that hill, her talisman-song with which to keep the visions and nightmares with which Vecna ​​at bay the storm. Immediately become part of the series' soundtrack, Running up that hill is central to the most intense scene of the first part of the season, in which Max finds himself having to face Vecna ​​in her world, being imprisoned by her. In the real world Lukas and the others manage to put the Walkman with his favorite song to her ears, which also echoes in Vecna's trap, giving Max the strength to react with a slow motion shot, giving life to one of the highlight scenes of the season.

The face of evil

The eighth episode of the fourth season of Stranger Things is an epochal moment, in which the true nature of Vecna ​​and her relationship with Eleven is finally revealed . A film, in practice, that puts the last pieces of Henry Creel's life in the right place, creating a precise portrait of the villain of Stranger Things, with a revealing ending that, while not excelling as a twist, helps to convey the danger of Henry-Vecna-Uno

The truth of Max

STRANGER THINGS. (L to R) Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield and Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair in STRANGER THINGS. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix .. 2022 In the decisive moment of the confrontation with Vecna, Max decides to act as bait for the monster, knowing that he is in lethal danger. After unveiling his guilt over his brother Billy's death in Dear Billy, in the final episode of Stranger Things 4 to get Vecna ​​to attack her, Max lets himself go to an extremely intimate confession about his inner suffering and emotions related to the Billy's death, in the presence of Lucas. A touching scene, in which the rigidity held by Max for this season seems to melt with this cathartic confession

Hopper the Cimmerian

Even the sheriff played by David Harbor gives us an epic scene. In his battle against the Soviet demogorgons, Hopper must finally face the alpha of this pack, and left without shots in his rifle does not exist to wield a sword found in the site of the clash, the arena where the Soviets trained the demogorgons using the prisoners. An epic confrontation, with Hopper wielding nothing less than a replica of Conan the Barbarian's Atlantean sword, the 1982 film, resulting in a decidedly inspired fight scene.

Being a hero

Having been regarded by all of Hawkins as a ferocious Satanist assassin, after having escaped instead of facing accusations, Eddie Munson has his moment of glory. In what has already become known as the Metallica Scene. Before the decisive battle, Munson has an emotional moment with Dustin, in which she asks him to always remain true to himself, with a brotherly hug that shows his emotional personality. The same that will push him to launch into a spectacular execution of Metallica's Master of Puppets as a diversion, a moment that has already become a cult of contemporary seriality, due to his incredible power. An epic scene, which makes Eddie's last appearance even more heartbreaking, in which his last thoughts go to 'his little sheep', 'Because they'll think I'll graduate, this is finally my year, Henderson'.

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