5 home products to stock up on Prime Day

5 home products to stock up on Prime Day

Among large appliances, garden furniture, video games and gadgets of all kinds, on Amazon Prime Day, which we remember will end at midnight on July 13, there is also space to stock up on all those household products that would usually empty yours. wallet in a common supermarket.

How many times have you said "The offer on that detergent was excellent, why didn't I get more bottles?" or "Toilet paper is never enough, only now the offer is over and I have to settle for the discount one!". Well, you can stop settling and take advantage of this Prime Day to stock up on detergents, toilet paper, dust-catching cloths and all the other household items by paying for them at a price you will never find in any supermarket! And we are not talking about discount quality products, but about leading brands in the sector such as Scottex toilet paper or Omino Bianco detergent collected in packs, which will be delivered comfortably to your home and will be enough for you throughout the year. Here are the best packs you shouldn't miss!

Omino Bianco + Sanitizer: 9 months of laundry

Generic photos Stain remover and bacteria removal guaranteed with this Omino Bianco sanitizing detergent. The product, thanks to its new dermatologically tested formula, is perfect for the laundry of the whole family and respects even the most delicate skins such as those of children and the elderly. In this pack, sold at the extraordinary price of € 9.99 instead of € 23.97, you will find 3 bottles of 2600 ml each for a total of 156 washes. In practice, you will have about 9 months of laundry detergent for less than 10 euros. A truly exceptional offer with which to fill your household furniture dedicated to detergents!


Gray Color Catcher: pack of 160 sheets

Generic photos If you care about the colors of your garments, however, and are looking for a solution against graying and color stains caused by garments that tend to discolour, Gray Color Catcher is one of the best solutions on the market. With Amazon's dedicated offer you can store 4 packs of 4o sheets each at a truly ridiculous price. In fact, you can get them all for € 12.32 instead of € 18.99, a good deal on one of the best color catchers in the industry.


Dash Pods All in 1 Washing Machine: 140 Capsule Units

Generic Photos Still a great brand for your washing machine offered for very little change. We are talking about the Dash Pods All in 1 capsules, a product that gives shine to all garments and works perfectly even at low temperatures. If you have already tried them, you know their effectiveness well, if you have never done so you will not find a better time to try them since with only € 22.99 instead of € 37.99 you take home two packs of 70 capsules each . Another big discount that will make your pockets happy!


Scottonelle Toilet Paper Towels: 84 rolls of softness

Generic photos Now let's move on to something that we must always be in time of need: toilet paper. In this case, however, the one on offer is not the one-ply paper that is transparent and soft like a steel brush to clean clams, but Scottex's Scottonelle toilet paper. Yes, the one with the cute fluffy Labrador on the package. That dog is not a decoy, but a true symbol of quality! This Scottex product is in fact very soft, so velvety that you almost regret using it for its purpose. The nice thing, however, is that you can take 84 rolls home with you for just € 27.99 instead of € 44.39. In practice, you will have quality toilet paper, for almost a whole year, paid at the discount price and delivered door to door. Need anything else?


Swiffer Duster: 25 Dust Catching Duvets

Generic Photos We close our selection of household items to stock up on this Prime Day with Dust Catching Duvets . However, we are not talking about those who promise it and then don't do it but about a true quality brand of cleaning as only Swiffer can be. To clean in every corner of the house, where the classic tools do not reach and to easily remove pet hair, Swiffer Duster is the best solution on the market. Especially when a maxi pack of 25 duvets is offered at € 11.23 instead of € 20.99. A deal with which to fill your house without emptying your pockets!


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