Xbox and the many colors of the first Microsoft console

Xbox and the many colors of the first Microsoft console

The original Xbox will blow out twenty candles tomorrow. It was, in fact, November 15, 2001 when the first Microsoft home console made its debut on the American shelves, and then "conquered the world" at the beginning of the following year.

During his five-year career , Xbox has had the opportunity to change its appearance several times, mostly on the occasion of specific contests or special occasions. Let's go to the discovery of the most interesting variants of the console in this special dedicated to the many colors of the first Xbox.

Hulk (and Pepsi)

Xbox: the edition created for theatrical release of Hulk Let's start with a version that embodies the entertainment world of the early 2000s: the turning point in the videogame industry, collaborations between various media and a large amount of blockbusters with a questionable bill. From this winning recipe the Hulk branded Xbox emerges in all its bold color, on the occasion of the release of the film with Eric Bana in theaters.

In addition to the blinding green that covers the entire surface of the console, we find part of the movie poster together with the Pepsi logo instead of the word "Xbox", positioned in the center of the outer shell. As you can easily guess, it was not one of those consoles that were in the shop, but a special edition (of only 50 pieces) that could be won through a scratch card delivered at the entrance of British cinemas (but there are also testimonies of a competition run by Pepsi, which would explain the company logo on the console).

Halo Special Edition

Xbox: The Halo Special Edition Probably the best known alternative version of the first Xbox, this edition was bundled with the first Halo: Combat Evolved. Featuring a translucent green plastic shell and game title on the front, it is not an extremely rare variant, as around two hundred thousand units have been produced, distributed worldwide.

Skeleton Black

Xbox: the Japanese version Skeleton Black On the occasion of the Japanese launch of the console, this special edition was made in translucent black. Only fifty thousand copies have been assembled, each accompanied by a keychain with the number in the production scale of its unit.

Dead or Alive Ultimate

Xbox: the version dedicated to Dead or Alive Ultimate Another often recurring shade when you think of the first Xbox colors is blue (strictly translucent), present in several special editions of the console. We have chosen to offer you the Dead or Alive Ultimate branded version, characterized by the textual logo of the game and the "button" set in the center of the body in its silver variant. Also this one sold exclusively in Japan, between five thousand and six thousand units were produced. Interestingly, although it was built towards the end of 2004, it still has the original architecture, dating back to 2001.

Tony Hawk's Underground 2

Xbox: an official themed customization Tony Hawk's Underground 2 It was not, however, only Microsoft that made special editions of its console. Proof of this is this Tony Hawk's Underground 2 themed Xbox, commissioned by Activision itself for the winners of certain skateboarding competitions. Hand-customized by professional street artists, a total of ten were made.

Panzer Dragoon Orta

Xbox: the branded edition Panzer Dragoon Orta For the launch of Panzer Dragoon Orta, Sega and Microsoft teamed up to create a white Xbox with the original screen printing and game logo. Available exclusively on the Dreamcast Direct online store, only nine hundred ninety-nine units were to go on sale, but three thousand were produced and shipped just over one thousand three hundred.

50 Cent: Bulletproof

Xbox: The collaboration with the Australian Channel V for the release of 50 Cent: Bulletproof Another quite particular edition of the first Xbox is the one dedicated to 50 Cent, the famous voice of the hip-hop scene known to practically anyone who lived adolescence in the nineties and two thousand. Apparently there are three versions of this strange collaboration between the rapper and the Australian television channel Channel V, coinciding with the release on the console of the video game 50 Cent: Bulletproof.

All have a white base with the title of the game written in gold and the artist's signature. They differ, however, for the screen printing, present in only two of the versions, one with a tribal symbol, the other with the face of 50 Cent. In all, of these three editions there are only six copies (one without screen printing, four with the "tribal" and one with the portrait).

EA Special Edition

Xbox: the gift of Microsoft to EA employees who have implemented Xbox Live support in their games The story behind this coloring is quite peculiar. To thank the employees of Electronic Arts who had helped to implement the newborn Xbox Live service in the company's games (around 110 employees), Microsoft gave them a special version of the console.

Completely white, the only ones distinctive elements are the central Xbox Live plaque and the EA logo with the wording Special Edition on the front. It also came with two white controllers, one with the EA Sports logo on a red background, the other with the EA Games logo on a blue background.

Crystal Limited Edition

Xbox: the Crystal version There are several Crystal versions of the console, distributed at different points in the history of the first Xbox. Some were sold in Canada as a bundle with games like Fable and Crimson Skies, others as alternative coloring in Japan, and others to celebrate the second anniversary of the European release. In general, around one hundred and fifty thousand units should have been produced with this simply transparent case.


Xbox: the mystery of the MSN branded edition We left a mystery for the last. A bit like the Salvator Mundi attributed to Leonardo da Vinci and found in an unthinkable place like New Orleans, two Xbox signed by MSN, the Microsoft portal that made the history of the Internet, emerge from Denmark. These two versions do not differ too much from the aforementioned Crystal edition, with the exception of the MSN logo positioned on the front (in two variants, both white and color). It was probably a prototype for some sort of collaboration with the service or, perhaps, just another gift from the company to the employees of that department.

These are some of the many colors of the first Xbox that we wanted to mention. Which are the ones that have remained most etched in your memory? Do you have any special edition of the console at home? Please let us know in the comments.

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