Dragon Ball Event Exclusive 2021: Review and Info on Where to Find Them

Dragon Ball Event Exclusive 2021: Review and Info on Where to Find Them

Dragon Ball Event Exclusive 2021

As per tradition, also this year, the Japanese producer of action figures, Tamashii Nations, of the Bandai group, announced the Dragon Ball Event Exclusive 2021 for the S.H.Figuarts line. After crossing the globe through various events (more or less in attendance), they finally arrive in Italy shortly after the edition of Lucca Comics 2021. The four figures with special coloring, which we will show you in preview, will only be available on the website of the Cosmic Group distributor set up for the occasion as has already been done for the previous 2020 editions.

Event Exclusive 2021 - The characters

Goku Super Saiyan God EECE 2021 Beerus EECE 2021 Whis EECE 2021 Nappa EECE 2021 Display Stand EECE 2021 The characters chosen for this edition, in all four, are mostly taken from the Dragon Ball Super saga and only one comes from Dragon Ball Z. The main trio, which seems to make up a small group of its own, is made up of Goku Super Saiyan God, Beerus and Whis while the Dragon Ball Z outsider is Saiyan Nappa, Vegeta's shoulder during the assault to planet Earth. Dragon Ball Super is the latest of many animated series that concern the world created by Akira Toriyama and deal with the adventures of Goku and his companions shortly after the Majin Buu saga, rewriting the final part of the saga. Goku has to face increasingly strong and terrible threats from the most remote corners of the universe ... and universes, meeting on his path new divinities and supreme entities that will also lead him to discover new and very powerful transformations. Beerus, God of Destruction of Universe 7 (the one to which Goku belongs) and Whis his trusted assistant will teach the Saiyan to reach the Super Saiyan God stage, which consists in achieving divine power and is recognizable in our hero thanks to the hair which take on a crimson color.

Event Exclusive 2021 - The Packs

Unlike the regular editions of the related products belonging to the Dragon Ball SHFiguarts line, the packs of the Event Exclusive Color Editions are made with a black cardboard (and not white) with the silhouettes of the characters drawn in duotone with the use of very bright colors. With Goku we see a reddish color, for Beerus the blue, for Whis the magenta and for Nappa an ocher. Apparently Nappa is the only one not to have a direct connection with this color while for the other three it is a clear reference to an element of clothing or of the body. On the main part, in addition to a plastic part that reveals the contents and accessories, there are also the logos of the companies and the official name of the product which, as per tradition, is written laterally on the left side. The back of the box shows some of the official photos that allow us to understand the potential of the product and the possibility of laying the SHFiguarts are equipped with.

Event Exclusive 2021 - Goku Super Saiyan God

Inside the blister, together with the figure of Goku, we find a congruous set of interchangeable hands combined with different alternative faces. The peculiarity of this edition is immediately noticeable, the hair was made of transparent plastic, so if placed in front of a light source, the effect we will achieve will be truly incredible. By removing the front part of the hair it is possible to remove the face by replacing it with one of the others supplied in the package. Another detail, clearly compared to the previous edition, is to have a more accurate general coloring with red shades along the combat uniform. Posability always at the highest levels even if initially, perhaps due to the cold of this period, the joints were slightly too rigid.

Event Exclusive 2021 - Beerus

Also in this case, the figure of Beerus, of which the old version had by now reached very high prices, comes to the rescue of collectors and brings a considerable amount of chromatic corrections. Basically we are faced with the same product which, however, has the color of the drape of his dress with gold instead of silver edging and shiny rather than opaque chest cover. We can guarantee that even if minimal, these improvements make the figure appear much more current and fully capable of competing with the latest releases. The set of faces and hands is always excellent and thanks to the faces, including the sleepy one and the most angry one you will have a lot of fun recreating the most varied situations.

Event Exclusive 2021 - Whis

This figure is the only one of the four that we don't even have the previous release so we haven't even been able to make an accurate comparison. What we can tell you for sure is that it is probably the one in which the coloring has apparently only been improved in the hair, now shiny while before it was dull. However, the figure is very interesting because, as in the case of Whis, it was now rather difficult to find at, if we mean, human prices. The supply of accessories is minimal but contains everything the character needs such as spare hands and heads with different expressions and a stick / scepter that he also uses as a weapon. As with Beerus, you will also have a lot of fun with Whis thanks to these faces full of funny expressions.

Event Exclusive 2021 - Nappa

Bandai sometimes he seems to listen to us lovers of action figures because even with Nappa, for those who are only now venturing into the world of SHFiguarts, it is really difficult to find. He is the greatest figure of all, we have nicknamed him the outsider a few lines above. He has nothing to do with the other three and has a box that has little to do with the colors that the figure has. But at this point we naturally ask ourselves, is it really worth recovering it? Honestly, the color is the element that, although different, aroused less surprise once the blister was opened. The previous version also had a beautiful energy effect as well as a stage act pedestal. So imagine our disappointment when we didn't find these two elements. Go to understand ... The rest of the figure is almost perfect from the beautiful sculpt of the alternative faces to the solidity and stiffness of his massive body, a real colossus.

Event Exclusive 2021 - Display Stand

Finally, there is a last object, also in a limited edition, but it would be more correct to call it a trio of objects. As in past editions, a special display stand will also be marketed this time, excellent for action poses, with personalized screen printing on the theme of Son Goku, Saiyan Capsule and Whis symbol. These three beautiful stands will also be offered for sale on the site, totally at Random and without (unfortunately) the possibility to choose. The display stands like these, elegant and transparent, with the sturdy support and adjustable even with small screws is essential for a self-respecting collection because in addition to giving an added value to your action figures, it allows you to keep them in total safety protected from bumps and falls.

Event Exclusive 2021 - Where can I find them?

To retrieve these limited edition figures you will have to go to the special site set up for the occasion by Cosmic Group starting from November 16th from 4 pm until November 30th (subject to stock exhaustion) and follow the purchase procedure. There will probably be limits on the number of units that can be purchased but we are not sure yet. We don't even know the price but we are sure it will be in line with the events that have already taken place in the past. We will not fail to inform you by updating this piece as soon as we have all the information.

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